Better Coverage.

Made on Duck Creek.

There’s a new standard for workers’ compensation insurance, reimagining how to assure businesses and support workers after on-the-job accidents and injuries, all within the bounds of strict regulatory frameworks.


Reimagine the workers' compensation experience

Create a workers’ compensation experience where agents and customers look forward to doing business with you, your people are empowered to drive better outcomes, and injured workers recover faster.

Strengthen your bottom line

Take control of how your business performs with accurate risk assessments, streamlined workflows, and better outcome management within the constraints of rates and benefits defined by law.

Ensure evergreen compliance

Thrive within uncertainty by staying up-to-date with myriad continuously-evolving regulations that dictate critical aspects of your insurance offerings.

We’re building a system that will help us add even greater value to Liberty Mutual workers’ compensation policyholders, customers of our third-party administrator Helmsman Management Services, distribution partners, injured employees, and our claims professionals... The new system [Duck Creek Claims] will let us continue to produce better outcomes for injured employees quickly and efficiently by replacing two legacy systems with a single state-of-the-art platform.

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to technology providers who support workers’ compensation insurers

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