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Delivering you future-ready solutions.

Duck Creek Professional Services

Our people are the core of all we do. There is no substitute for expertise earned through decades of hands-on experience, and we use that knowledge to ensure that you get the best outcome, grounded in foresight, for your business needs.

The Power of Duck Creek  Professional Services

Duck Creek Delivery Methodology

Expertise, delivered with consistency. Our teams use a consistent and disciplined methodology so that you can achieve your outcomes with speed and accuracy.

Our Partner Ecosystem

We work with the best minds in insurance technology. Our Delivery Partners employ thousands of certified Duck Creek Technologies installers and bring unique capabilities for change management and digital transformation. Our Solution Partner ecosystem extends our core system capabilities to help you reach your goals faster.

Delivery Assurance

An objective viewpoint to align best practices to outcomes, monitor project health, and proactively ensure that you avoid unnecessary product customization. By ensuring both project and product conformance, we help you deliver against today’s needs while preserving your ability to quickly adapt to tomorrow’s opportunities.

Proven Success

We’ve had over 180 successful implementations, with 50 go-lives last year alone. From the largest Tier 1 carriers to regional experts, our team knows how to ensure that you achieve success. Learn more about some of our successful customers.

Every company knows that the future will continue to present more technology risks. Through this recent modernization, we’re better prepared to take advantage of the latest innovations and digital disrupters.

Steve Smith
Vice President, Information Technology Department | GEICO