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There’s a new standard in commercial motor that enables insurers to conduct and evaluate risks rapidly and provide the right coverage for businesses utilising our up-to-date bureau content including the latest actuarial rates, rules, and forms. With the Duck Creek Suite, we provide commercial-motor-specific integrations, content, and low-code tools insurers need to quickly create and update products at the speed of market change for a commercial fleet or a small business.


Ease of doing business with 
brokers and agents

Drive growth by pre-filling vehicle and business information to present agents a complete view of each business and its associated risks. Provide enhanced digital capabilities and self-service to empower their access to pertinent information.

Improve operational efficiency

Improve IT efficiency with modern technologies that allow insurers to remain current with commercial motors bureau content. Build and deploy new products easily and quickly utilising low-code tools that produce lower customer acquisition and product development costs. Learn more about accelerating speed to market with industry content and low code tools in our practical guide.

Better business management

Leverage data to gain a complete view of businesses to drive better rating decisions, underwriting, and efficient workflows.

Humanized Insurance Technology enables people to connect with each other through the insurance lifecycle, in real-time, through channels that are highly personalized and connected experiences that empower people with insights and productivity.

Jess Keeney, Chief Product Officer
Duck Creek Technologies Chief Product Officer

End-to-End Commercial Motor Lifecycle

Utilise our commercial motor LOB kit and industry content and remain focused on your unique business instead of maintaining base content and circular updates

Capabilities Enabled

  • Accelerate implementations with pre-built ISO commercial auto rates, rules, forms, statistical codes – plus state taxes, fees, and surcharges
  • Keep actuarial data current with monthly updates of bureau circulars generally available 90 days prior to the effective date
  • Streamline processes for adopting, rejecting, or modifying circular updates with our Online Circular Adoption Tool and support from the Duck Creek team


  • Implement new products in weeks, not years
  • Reduce product development resources
  • Access a commercial motor LOB kit with a pre-built starting point
  • Stay up to date with bureau circulars

Modernize underwriting for commercial motor throughout the policy lifecycle

Capabilities Enabled

  • Automate the entire commercial motor policy lifecycle from quote to underwrite and renewal with the ability to include skilled employees as needed
  • Utilise our partner ecosystem integrations to assist with loss prevention and risk management for commercial motor
  • Automate underwriting and workflows based on rules and incorporate telematics


  • Increase customer satisfaction through more adequate and affordable coverage
  • Lower loss ratios
  • Reduce underwriting expenses
  • Leverage reusable components from base commercial motor products to rapidly develop new products

Offer efficient payment options your commercial motor businesses expect

Capabilities Enabled

  • Define payment plans, discounts, and installments that meet the unique needs of customer journeys
  • Support modern payment options like eCheck or auto-pay from bank accounts and credit cards
  • Configure communications regarding reminders and notices or penalties for late payments
  • Leverage APIs to provide businesses seamless omni-channel payment options across web, mobile, email, and text


  • Increase customer retention by offering recurring payments vs one-time payments
  • Reduction in payment-related calls
  • Reduce expense ratios

Maintain empathy and mitigate fraud throughout the commercial motor claims lifecycle

Capabilities Enabled

  • Automate commercial motor claims from first notice of loss to investigation, evaluation, adjudication, and payment with the ability to include skilled claim handlers as needed
  • Engage with businesses and deliver transparency throughout the commercial auto claims lifecycle when necessary to reassure and update them on the status of their claims
  • Embed data and predictive analytics at decision points to ensure proper claims triaging, accurate loss evaluations, and fraud detection
  • Integrate and orchestrate third-party commercial motor telematics, chatbots, photo submission tools, and claims payments providers to quickly indemnify claimants after an accident


  • Speed claim resolution through the use of intelligent automation
  • Lower loss adjustment expenses through orchestration of the right services and experts at the right time
  • Improve customer/claimant experiences

Provide self-service for commercial motor producers to increase productivity and maintain loyalty

Capabilities Enabled

  • Ensure that businesses find the right commercial motor coverage by extending their distribution networks through integrations
  • Seamlessly connect commercial motor businesses or agents to quoting portals by eliminating redundant data entry after they initiate quotes on agent management systems or comparative raters
  • Leverage a single point of change to maintain multiple user portals under a common set of product definitions


  • Increase new business to consumer or agent portals
  • Increase agent retention
  • Optimize quote to bind ratios
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Lower portal maintenance costs

Gain a 360-degree view of businesses, vehicles, and related risks.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Create a single source of truth that consolidates all commercial motor data across Duck Creek solutions, internal systems, and our partner ecosystem that provides auto salvage and vehicle history data, risk insights and monitoring, and telematics
  • Maintain timely views of the business, regulatory, and economic landscape with tools that ease data mapping, business rules management, and metrics development
  • Develop persona-based reports and dashboards that answer common operational or management questions and provide commercial motor analytic insights to executives, underwriters, and claims handlers


  • Improve reserving accuracy
  • Reduce expenses and optimize claims cycle times
  • Improve reporting accuracy
  • Get a 360=degree view of homeowner, dwelling, property, (location, credit score) and related risks
  • Improve risk analysis and prevention

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to technology providers who support homeowners: