Your competition is fast, nimble and growing.

Staying ahead of them means developing and launching new, better products faster and less expensively than your competition.

About Duck Creek Policy

Duck Creek Policy gives carriers the agility to offer the ever-changing products that people and businesses need—in weeks, not months.

Launch products faster

Go live in 45 days or less, quickly adapting to changing market needs. In today’s P&C market, speed is the ultimate competitive advantage

We can now operate more efficiently, respond more quickly to shifts in the marketplace, and make better use of information.

Tracey Berg
Tracey Berg - West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Create products people love

Attract and retain satisfied customers by offering the products they want at competitive prices. Stay ahead of your competition by rapidly introducing new products – with configuration, not code.

Tame complexity

Complex policy processing? Out-of-sequence endorsements? No problem. Duck Creek has you covered with full lifecycle support. Advanced data management makes it easy to share information and build new quotes faster.

Get started today

Whether you are starting from scratch, switching providers, or want to customize your products, Duck Creek Technologies’ team of experts can help you get there.

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