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An optimized SaaS solution that enables carriers to innovate faster

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Build the Future of Insurance

OnDemand is Duck Creek’s cloud-based, SaaS delivery solution for all Duck Creek applications, providing all services, support, and computing resources carriers need. By leveraging the best available technology and continuously delivering new functionality to solve ever-changing P&C insurance business challenges, OnDemand enables a fundamentally new approach to competing in today’s industry—one where technology supports strategy rather than dictating it.


Increase Speed to Market and Operational Agility

By combining Duck Creek’s P&C applications and content, our Platform’s low-code configuration tools and open architecture, and SaaS delivery, you gain the ability for everyone in your organization to be more productive and self-reliant in their roles, empowered to move significantly faster, and more nimble in taking advantage of market opportunities.

Re-allocate IT Resources to Support Your Greatest Business Priorities

IT teams can hand off software upgrades, maintenance, and application and infrastructure support, and instead refocus resources to support higher-value initiatives in insurance product innovation and customer experiences.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Say goodbye to rigid legacy systems, technical debt, and IT projects that run over budget – say hello to a solution that enables you to always be on the latest build of our software. With OnDemand, you can always be current, and won’t ever have to miss out on pursuing a business opportunity because of technology limitations.

A Trusted and Reliable P&C SaaS Solution
Months possible for implementations
Platinum Service Level Agreement (SLA) level offered for our core products
Countries where OnDemand policies originated in in 2019
Countries where OnDemand claims originated in in 2019
Number of claims per hour our software has proven to scale up to

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive Partner Ecosystem features productized integrations to technology providers who specialize in solving for different insurance use cases.


The combination of the full-scale functionality of the Duck Creek Suite and its ability to offer these capabilities as a cloud solution makes Duck Creek the ideal business partner for this highly strategic initiative.

OnDemand enables us to keep up with the pace of technology changes and enhances our ability to launch new products. It helps us focus on the core needs of our business rather than get bogged down with operational tasks like platform/infrastructure upgrades and template updates.

Within a year, we had a policy and billing system ready for production using Duck Creek Policy, Duck Creek Billing, and Duck Creek OnDemand. We stayed out-of-the-box and leveraged the power of the product to enable an accelerated implementation.

Expand Your Value with Our Differentiated Approach to P&C
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