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Running core systems is hard. Our SaaS solution makes it easy.

To stay ahead of their competitors, carriers need to innovate faster and differentiate - whether by creating new business models, launching new products, expanding into new regions, or enhancing customer experiences - yet executing on these strategic initiatives requires the ability to maximize the utility of core systems, which goes well beyond simply hosting software in the cloud.

About Duck Creek OnDemand

OnDemand is Duck Creek’s end-to-end SaaS solution, providing all services, support, and computing resources needed to help carriers move faster and more efficiently than ever before. By leveraging the best available technology and continuously delivering new functionality to solve ever-changing P&C insurance business challenges, OnDemand enables a fundamentally new approach to competing in today’s industry—one where technology supports strategy rather than dictating it, and where carriers are empowered to focus on innovation in entirely new ways.


Speed and Agility

By combining Duck Creek’s P&C apps & content, the Duck Creek Platform’s low-code configuration tools and open architecture, and SaaS in OnDemand, you get the ability for business stakeholders to be more productive and self-reliant in their roles, empowered to move significantly faster, and be nimbler in taking advantage of market opportunities.

Re-allocate IT Resources to Support Your Greatest Business Priorities

IT teams can hand off software upgrades, application and infrastructure support, and maintenance, and instead refocus resources to support higher-value initiatives in insurance product innovation and customer experiences.

What You’ll Get

Faster Upgrades

Historically, upgrading core systems software has been a resource- and time-intensive process, leading many carriers to accumulate technical debt, fall behind, and be left dealing with overcoming fragile and aging legacy systems. With OnDemand, Duck Creek takes on the heavy lifting, enabling carriers to receive faster upgrades—providing them with access to new features, functionality, and industry content updates that they can immediately take advantage of to run their businesses more effectively.

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End-to-End Support

The Duck Creek OnDemand support team has your back to diagnose and remedy any core application and infrastructure issues, allowing you to focus only on supporting your own configuration. Among our round-the-clock help desk, automatic and manual application monitoring, performance alerts and reports, and monthly meetings with our service managers to review SLA reports, incident tickets and business operational goals, our team is there to support you every step of the way.

Third-Party Integrations Made Easy

Duck Creek Anywhere Managed Integrations provide productized, fully-managed, pre-built connections to popular third-party data and service solutions such as geolocation, MVR lookups, data pre-fill, e-signature, analytics, and more. Fully-managed means Duck Creek assumes all responsibility for management, maintenance, and triaging – if a vendor changes something, Duck Creek will update it promptly. Reduce the risk of business interruption and ensure that your business constantly has the data and tools you need to make the best possible decisions.

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Reduced Implementation Timelines and Risk

With OnDemand, we’ve rewritten the playbook so that carriers no longer have to worry about having the right technology in place to capture opportunities. With a line of sight into each implementation, we’ll partner with your team and systems integrators throughout the process and advise on best practices to follow, ensuring that you have a fast and smooth implementation.

High Scalability + Performance Optimization

Whether your business sees increased activity when launching a new direct sales channel with a chatbot that will receive a significant amount of new inquiries, or you experience more claims following a cat event, our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure high core system availability, scalability, disaster recovery, and will run at the required performance speeds needed to support demand. Before you go live, our cross-functional teams of insurance and technology experts will also tune your applications, databases, and infrastructure to ensure that your core systems are set to run at optimal performance.

Security and Privacy

Duck Creek’s OnDemand SaaS insurance solution is designed for ultimate business protection. Client data is safe and secured, managed with encryption at rest and in transit and with customer-specific security keys. Continuous threat monitoring including monthly vulnerability scans, annual third-party penetration tests, enterprise-grade security controls, and security expert response ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability carriers expect. Duck Creek OnDemand undergoes annual independent SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits, has received ISO 27001 certification, and also supports PCI-DSS, GDPR, and APRA regulatory requirements.

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OnDemand Customer Testimonials

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