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The future of P&C is insurance SaaS solutions. But the right service goes well beyond software.

Moving core insurance systems to a SaaS model is no longer a matter of if, but how - and with whom. But not all insurance SaaS software is the same. For long-term success, insurers need business-first, end-to-end cloud-based insurance software. These solutions must be supported by services and accelerators that let them focus on building new, creative products and getting them to market fast.

About Duck Creek OnDemand

Duck Creek’s cloud-based insurance software, Duck Creek OnDemand, takes the best of SaaS and delivers an advanced solution that is designed to ensure that P&C carriers never need to compromise their business priorities to take advantage of it. Whether you utilize the complete Duck Creek Suite or individual components, you’ll get the reliability, security, and support you need to innovate faster and more efficiently.

What You’ll Get

An End-to-End SaaS Insurance Solution

All of the components and capabilities insurance carriers need to quickly move from concept, development, and implementation into production are included with Duck Creek OnDemand. Continuous management includes easy upgrades to the latest Duck Creek cloud-based insurance software and automatic circular content (ISO, AAIS, NCCI) updates.

Change Made Simple

Thanks to the Duck Creek Platform’s low-code capabilities, carriers’ business users – not teams of developers – can make changes to products and rules to keep pace with business requirements and pursue market opportunities.  Duck Creek’s OnDemand service is there to help with initial performance testing, as well as ensuring that regression testing and user acceptance is verified. When migrating to SaaS insurance software, you won’t be on your own.


Dedicated service managers meet one-on-one with their Duck Creek OnDemand clients every month to review SLA reports and any incident tickets, and collaborate with their clients to share schedules, new releases, and business operational goals.  The Duck Creek OnDemand team triages critical incidents across operations, code, and integrations, automatically updating clients and service managers until issues are resolved.

Protection and Privacy

Duck Creek’s OnDemand SaaS insurance solution is designed for ultimate business protection. Client data is safe and secured, managed with encryption and customer-specific security keys. Continuous threat monitoring, enterprise-grade security controls, and security expert response ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability carriers expect. Supporting SOC 2, GDPR, APRA, and industry-standards compliance.

Availability and Scalability

Duck Creek’s commitment to our clients is backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is structured for around-the-clock availability, disaster recovery, and dynamic growth in business capacity. Focus on your business, not on the systems or designs that support where you need to go. Duck Creek, a long-standing leader in providing insurance SaaS solutions, continuously improves OnDemand’s capabilities, utilizing the latest technology advances and thoroughly validating all operational changes.

Easy Integrations

Duck Creek’s Anywhere Managed Integrations (optional) provide out-of-the-box, pre-built connections to popular third-party and service solutions such as geolocation, MVR lookups, data pre-fill, e-signature, analytics, and more. Duck Creek’s OnDemand SaaS insurance software solution includes management and support of these integrations. A growing base of integrations support changing business needs and provide a simple way to add them to your solutions.

OnDemand enables us to keep up with the pace of technology changes and enhances our ability to launch new products. It helps us focus on the core needs of our business rather than get bogged down with operational tasks like platform/infrastructure upgrades and template updates.

Murali Natarajan
SVP & CIO | West Bend Mutual Insurance

OnDemand Case Study: Berkshire Hathaway Specialty InsuranceBerkshire hathaway specialty insurance OnDemand case study

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