Low-Code Configuration

Stop endless Java, COBOL, and C++ coding projects - start running your business.

About Low-Code Configuration

At the heart of the Duck Creek Platform is a philosophy and commitment to externalize the rules that make your business unique from the code of your core platform. This overriding technical philosophy drives our technical architecture and unifies our product strategy.

The Power of Going Low-Code

Tools designed with you in mind

Duck Creek Technologies configuration tools are built to match the needs of our users – tools like Author, designed for power users who need to drive configuration deep into the platform.

The Duck Creek Platform is flush with tools that are fit-for-purpose and designed to empower you with the speed you need to get ahead, and stay ahead, in today’s market.

Product Studio

Product Studio enables business users to quickly drive product changes to market by automatically testing and providing traceability of product requirements. Product Studio also empowers business users to own the entirety of their product lifecycles.

From modeling and testing to publishing new policies, from making changes to existing products and conducting validation of adherence, Product Studio puts the power to make meaningful changes in the hands of insurance professionals, not developers.

Separating your business configuration from our core code

We work hard to keep your business configuration separate from our code. This helps preserve our ability to keep you current, and allows you to focus your business team on just that – your business.

Externalized rules for business-driven changes enable quick adoption to a changing market, and promote test-and-learn behaviors.

We chose the Duck Creek Platform for its configurability - it lets us innovate and respond to market changes quickly, giving us important competitive advantage.

David Flitman
CEO | Safepoint Insurance
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