Endless coding projects are a drag on carriers’ productivity

Low-code configuration tools flip the script and enable you to react to new market trends and customer requirements with greater speed and agility.

Learn how low code and software inheritance accelerate product development with this guide.

The Power of Going Low-Code

Low-Code Configuration
Empower your business users to drive change

From modeling and testing rate changes and making other changes to existing products, to leveraging drag-and-drop tools for designing the look and feel of pages, to building claims workflows, our low-code tools enable business users to own the entirety of product lifecycles and quickly drive other changes to market.

At the same time, we’ve built our low-code tools so that everyone at a carrier can gather around the table and make changes together simultaneously. Rather than having linear handoffs from business users to UI teams to front-end and back-end developers, low-code promotes better collaboration, faster iteration, and shortened development cycles.

Development productivity
Increase technical teams’ development productivity

Duck Creek’s low-code tools offer application developers an intuitive framework for defining and modifying core system content, data, workflows, and user experiences, which guarantees consistency in outcomes and prevents inefficient code writing.

Because low-code tools act as a single point of change, carriers can make a change once and see it propagate throughout both other internal systems and external customer websites. This capability eliminates dual maintenance and enables carriers to get changes into production faster.


Utilizing our low-code tools results in our being able to keep your IP — such as insurance products and rates, customer and user experiences, and business processes — separated from Duck Creek’s core system code. This unique approach and tenet of our architectural philosophy ensures code is highly portable and upgradable.

Stay current with our latest Platform enhancements and avoid having to re-write your code every time there’s an upgrade.

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