Environmental, Social, Governance

Message from Duck Creek’s CEO

Operating some of the most important connections across society brings certain responsibilities of compliance, governance, security and social care. That’s at the heart of a technology company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. But let’s not forget the human element. It’s gotten us where we are, and it will get us where we’re going. A community of caring people enabled by purposeful technology can make the world a better place.

From humble small-town origins near Bolivar, Missouri, Duck Creek Technologies has grown to be a dominant technology solutions provider to the global property and casualty (P&C) and general insurance industry. For more than two decades, both our growth and global footprint have accelerated. We’ve achieved scale and recognition as a critical component of the global financial services infrastructure – providing the backbone and core cloud systems of the insurance industry.

We take these responsibilities seriously, and our commitment to ESG practices is embedded in our vision to transform and modernize insurance technology. Duck Creek delivers a foundation for smarter, faster, more efficient connections across the entire insurance ecosystem, enabling and empowering a fundamental piece of the global economy at every touchpoint in the insurance lifecycle.

Increased climate catastrophes, malicious cybersecurity threats, political tensions, and challenges to individual expressions and financial sustainability take center stage in a looming recessionary, macroeconomic environment. The insurance industry in which we operate is facing a generational inflationary adjustment, and combined with these global challenges, Duck Creek remains:

  • Mindful of our environmental footprint to reduce our climate impact
  • At the forefront of data privacy, information security, and corporate governance
  • A model of individual and community diversity, equity and inclusion practices

I encourage you to learn more about Duck Creek’s commitments and values through our Flight Path, which helps guide what and how we plan to contribute to the world. We use our Flight Path to bring out the very best in ourselves to preserve an industry, protect our planet, and arm our employees with the knowledge, tools, and support that allows us to contribute to and care for the world around us.

Mike Jackowski
Chief Executive Officer

Why Duck Creek Is Here

Our mission and vision state why Duck Creek exists as a company. Our Ducks are proud to serve an industry that enables people to live with more freedom and confidence and help businesses manage risk to drive innovation.


To empower insurers to reimagine the future of insurance.

Equipped with our high-quality products, insurers are strengthening protection and recovery for policyholders and transforming their business.


To transform insurance technology, helping insurers be smarter, faster, and more efficient, and ultimately provide the best protection for people and businesses.

Duck Creek’s state-of-the-art SaaS technology gives insurance companies the tools they need to innovate, adapt, and deliver new products faster and easier than ever before.

Core to Duck Creek’s mission, vision and purpose is what we call, Duck Creek’s Flight Path – our guide to who we are, what we do and why we do it. Take a short journey through Duck Creek’s Flight Path.

Data Privacy, Infosec & Corporate Governance

Data privacy and information security are modern business mandates in a global economy. As a provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions, Duck Creek considers data privacy and cybersecurity critical features of corporate governance. We proactively secure our customers’ data and cloud-based activities, our employee base and insurance policyholder information across our ecosystem.

Duck Creek continues to invest in privacy and security best practices; ongoing training, testing, and compliance for our workforce; and the application of advanced security technologies to protect our data and the data we hold of our customers. All of these initiatives are included in our overall governance structure. We have obtained external audit reports to showcase SOC 1, SOC II, and ISO 27001 certifications to demonstrate our adoption and use of best practices, security availability, and resiliency controls.

Global Reach – Local Presence

Duck Creek Technologies supports insurance companies across the globe with offices in North America, UK and Europe, India and Australia. Since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Duck Creek has adopted a flexible-first work policy, and the vast majority of our nearly 2,000 employees work remotely. In addition, the company’s travel policy is focused on limited and essential travel.

Being a flexible-first software company means Duck Creek’s overall carbon footprint is small. We have no manufacturing operations, no large-scale plants, and the majority of our office locations in the US have achieved LEED gold certification which promotes healthier and more efficient office buildings while reducing carbon emissions.

As a software company, Duck Creek is committed to reducing the impact of operating a global business by partnering with Microsoft in the development and deployment of our cloud-based SaaS and data management strategies. In fact, Duck Creek was recognized as Microsoft’s Financial Services Partner of the Year in 2022 for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft Azure technology.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Living Our Values: DE&I and Social Impact

Diversity, equity, and inclusion statement of principle: We are a global flock of Ducks with widely varied backgrounds, identities, and experiences. Our core values, shared vision and mission unite us, and we welcome and honor our differences. We strive to ensure all employees are valued, seen, and heard, and we encourage them to be their authentic selves. United by mutual respect, we are One Duck Creek.

Duck Creek Technologies is committed to diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) as a community of one – One Duck Creek. We are all valued contributors. We embrace diverse perspectives as a source of innovation and growth. We hold each other accountable to create a workplace where inclusive behaviors and communications lead to the results we want for ourselves and our company. Some ways we foster a culture of inclusion and belonging:

Courageous conversations

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

Employee councils

Global book clubs

Voice of the employee initiative

Visit Duck Creek’s DE&I page for a deeper level of detail about our ERGs and DE&I commitments.

Social Impact

Duck Creek believes that giving back to our communities is critical, and we provide our employees with opportunities to support their local communities as individuals or with their fellow Ducks. These social impact initiatives enable our employees to meet their peers, network in their communities, participate in team-building activities and have fun while making a difference. Our collective giving and volunteer efforts create tangible and sustainable impacts in the communities where we live and work. Some examples of these programs include:

  •  Corporate donations
  • Duck Creek Gives Back program
  • Partnership with Girls Who Code
  • Paid time off for volunteering

For direct inquiries on Duck Creek’s ESG initiatives, please contact:

Sage Milton
Social Impact Manager