Our Customers are Creating a New Standard.

Made on Duck Creek.

When scale is achieved, and speed is a given.

When insights drive action in real time, continuously. When low-code empowers everyone to build needed solutions. When your entire organization can pivot on a dime and seize opportunities in a dynamically evolving, cloud-based world.

When this level of efficiency and inspired potential becomes your achievable reality – then you have a new standard. This is your experience, made on Duck Creek.

What will you make on Duck Creek?


Protected homes.
Made on Duck Creek.

Quickly design intuitive and intelligent solutions tailored to homeowners’ ever-changing needs

Commercial Auto

Smoother commercial coverage.
Made on Duck Creek.

Whether it’s commercial fleets, mom & pop retail delivery shops, or ridesharing, our bureau content enables carriers to remain current and adapt products to their customers’ needs.

Medical Professional Liability

Peace of mind.
Made on Duck Creek.

Process volume and complexity swiftly and run “what-if” scenarios enabling flexible underwriting and pricing while assessing intricate risks linked to insuring medical professionals.

Personal Automotive

Safer roads.
Made on Duck Creek.

Our low-code SaaS platform enables carriers to build smarter customer profiles, more personalized experiences, and innovative insurance products.

Workers’ Compensation

Better Coverage.
Made on Duck Creek.

Take care of workers in their times of need with data insights, regulatory compliance, detailed reporting, and predictive analytics that enable better risk decisioning.

Specialty Insurance

Smarter Decisions.
Made on Duck Creek.

With unlimited configurability comes unlimited potential for insurers to innovate and to create new ideas that meet the needs of a complex, evolving world.


Better Coverage.
Made on Duck Creek.

Rapidly seize the opportunity to provide protection that gives pet owners peace of mind.

The Right Products. Right Now.
Made on Duck Creek.

Reusable components and faster iteration enabled by hierarchy help you unlock more cost-effective ways to introduce new products. This speeds up time to market and reduces the long-term costs of maintaining unique products.

Reinvent your business with new products that enable better coverage, smarter risk management and happier customers.

Personalized Experiences.
Made on Duck Creek.

Every user has different needs. Consumers, claims adjusters, agents and underwriters – how and where they receive information varies. This requires a level of personalization that’s adaptable and always up to speed. Working with real time data, insurers can provide personalized experiences, all while maintaining a single point of change to optimize efficiencies.

Evolution, Uninterrupted.
Made on Duck Creek.

Say goodbye to outdated systems and say hello to unlimited innovation with modern, deployable technology that’s always current and always up to the task. Embrace change and find new strategic solutions for your customers before they even know they need them.

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