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The Power of Upgrades

Stay Current

As we deliver new functionality, you can apply the upgrades that give you more power, more flexibility, and more functionality for your clients. With two new functional releases a year, that is a lot of value available to your business.

Suitewide Integration

The Duck Creek Platform allows you to apply upgrades across the suite, improving common functionality across your core systems. When your systems are integrated, you gain better insights from your data – especially customer data.

Performance and Security

By staying current, customers benefit from the rigor and discipline that Duck Creek Technologies places on stress-testing and improving the performance and security of our Platform. This keeps your performance up to date, which is as important as the new features you deliver to a client.

Proven Design Patterns

Data storage techniques separate our Application database from our Modeling database, and allow data to be accessed from, and written to, multiple sources. No matter where you need to move data to support your changing business needs in the future, the Duck Creek Platform is designed to accommodate.

Get Started Today

Whether you are starting from scratch, switching providers, or want to configure your products, Duck Creek Technologies’ team of experts can help you get there.

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