Alone or together, P&C insurance software built for change

Today’s P&C marketplace requires that carriers be faster, nimbler, and more creative than ever before. They need insurance core systems that are designed to implement change quickly and easily — and to work elegantly with one another.


Customer needs are evolving. Are you keeping up?

Meeting them means supporting the entire policy lifecycle, as well as developing and delivering the right products at the right time for any given customer.

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Today's risks are simply more complex. Can your rating engine handle them?

In all P&C lines, the ability to quickly and easily process complex data with a powerful insurance rating engine – and act on it quickly – is a critical competitive advantage.

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Billing can make or break financial goals and customer relationships.

Once a straightforward accounting function, billing strategies and practices are now key to business success. Peace of mind comes both from end-to-end control of your business and knowing your customers are getting the experience they expect from P&C insurance software you can trust.

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Duck Creek Claims

Nothing impacts loyalty more than the service people get during difficult times.

When speed, simplicity, and responsiveness blend elegantly together during the claims process, important bonds are created. The right P&C insurance software can make all the difference.

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Your data is a strategic asset – but only if you put it to work.

To make better and faster decisions, carriers need to be able to unify all of their data from core systems – as well as external sources – together in one place, and to convert it to a format so that it can be utilized in business intelligence reporting tools and power advanced analytics such as machine learning and AI.

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Digital Engagement - Producer

Digital Engagement - Producer

Develop more productive and loyal independent producers

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Distribution Management

Your agents and brokers should fuel your growth – not drain your resources.

Automating tasks like onboarding, ensuring licensure compliance, and compensation can enable you to focus on what truly matters – collaborating with your producers to build books of business.

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Reinsurance Management

Because Risk Mitigation Can’t be Left to Chance

Ceding risk to reinsurers is a critical strategy for securing equity, solvency, and stability for primary insurers. Managing that process is both onerous and error-prone. Until now.

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Industry Content

Every minute spent reinventing the wheel is a minute later getting to market.

Integrations to the insurtech ecosystem, and P&C content and standards like ACORD, ISO, and AAIS, are the fuel on which the industry runs – but their volume, complexity, and constant updating make them a beast to implement and manage. Make efficient use of these foundational tools with sophisticated P&C insurance software designed to lighten the load.

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The Duck Creek Suite

Low-code, P&C SaaS solutions built for faster innovation

Available together or standalone, Duck Creek Policy, Billing, Rating, Claims, Insights, Digital Engagement, Distribution Management, and Reinsurance Management are mission-critical applications that enable carriers to run their businesses and meet the ever-changing needs of the P&C insurance industry.

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