The Duck Creek Suite

Alone or together, built for speed and change

Today's insurance marketplace requires that carriers be faster, nimbler, and more creative than ever before. They need systems designed to implement change quickly and easily - and to work elegantly with one another.

Your competition is fast, nimble and growing.

Staying ahead of them means developing and launching new, better products faster and less expensively than your competition with an industry-leading policy administration system.

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Today's risks are simply more complex. Can your insurance rating system handle them?

In all P&C lines, the ability to quickly and easily process complex data - and act on it quickly - is a critical competitive advantage.

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Billing can make or break financial goals and customer relationships.

Once a straightforward accounting function, billing strategies and practices are now key to business success. The peace of mind you get from a modern insurance billing system comes both from end-to-end control of your business and knowing your customers are getting the experience they expect.

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In difficult times, give customers the service they deserve with Duck Creek’s claims management software.

When speed, simplicity, and responsiveness blend elegantly together during the claims process, important bonds are created - and the right claims management software can make all the difference.

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Your data is a strategic asset – but only if you put it to work.

To make the best possible decisions, today's carriers need to quickly collect, analyze, manage, and report on massive amounts of data with sophisticated insurance analytics tools - and at the speed of business.

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Digital Engagement

Being in insurance is no longer an excuse for a bad experience.

Today’s customers expect no less from their online experience with an insurer than they get from ride-sharing companies or online retailers. If those expectations aren’t met, they take their business elsewhere.

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Distribution Management

Your agents and brokers should fuel your bottom line – not drain your resources.

Onboarding your producers and managing your obligations to them is critical to the growth of your book of business. Don’t let needless paperwork and manual processes get in the way.

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Industry Content

Every minute spent re-inventing the wheel is a minute later getting to market

Integrations to the Insurtech ecosystem and P&C content and standards like ACORD, ISO, and AAIS are the fuel on which the industry runs, but its volume, complexity, and constant updating make it a beast to implement and manage.

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The Duck Creek Suite

Growing business is hard enough. Wrestling with disparate systems shouldn't be part of the challenge.

A single, unified suite of products can take inconsistency, poor integration, and lack of transparency off carriers' lists of worries.

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