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In trying times, give your customers the service they deserve.

Your customers may only face a claim once every several years – but these interactions are critical to driving loyalty. Having claims management software that enables you to respond quickly and empathetically can make all the difference.

About Duck Creek’s Claims Management Software

Duck Creek Claims lets carriers make better, faster claims handling decisions and reassure their customers in the ways they prefer when times get tough. Our claims processing software helps insurers manage the entire claims lifecycle – from first notice of loss to investigation to settlement – by providing the workflows, reports, integrations, and user experiences that increase the efficiency of claims operations, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce loss costs.

Improve claims handling and reduce claims cycle times

Duck Creek Claims enables carriers to implement touchless claims by providing rules-driven automation that can assign claims staff, confirm coverage, set up tasks, and generate correspondence, all based on information collected at first notice of loss.

In instances that aren’t fit for automation, our claims software provides dynamically guided workflows, personalized user interfaces, and team planning tools that streamline processes – enabling CSRs, claims adjusters, and other claims handlers to resolve claims and help customers recover faster.

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Providing superior claims handling to customers that have experienced a loss is our top priority. Duck Creek Claims supports increased automation to maximize the efficiency of the claims management process, allowing our agents and adjusters to focus on the people instead of the process.

David E. Conner, VP & Chief Claims Officer
UFG Insurance

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

With claims management software, carriers can deliver personalized, transparent, and effective communications with policyholders and claimants via their preferred channels. Whether they are looking to engage with you by phone, email, text, mail, web, or mobile app, our APIs enable you to meet them on their terms, maintain empathy, and reassure them during stressful times.

Furthermore, when claims handlers have easy, seamless access to all of the data sources they require, they’re simply better at serving those in need. We’ve architected our solution to consolidate data and reports across the entire claims lifecycle all in one place, providing your claims handlers with the right information and context they need to better resolve claims.

Leverage the claims technology ecosystem

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to claims technology providers who specialize in solving different use cases throughout the claim lifecycle. From communication and risk management tools that can proactively help customers avoid harm and prevent losses from happening in the first place, to AI and analytics that improve the accuracy of claims payments and reduce fraud, we’ve made it intuitive for you to connect the tools and data sources you need to reduce losses and streamline all aspects of the claims lifecycle.

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