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In trying times, give your customers the service they deserve.

When speed, simplicity, and responsiveness blend elegantly together during the claims process, important bonds are created - and the right claims management software can make all the difference.

About Duck Creek’s Claims Management Software

Duck Creek Claims lets carriers make better, faster claims decisions and support their customers in the ways they prefer when times get tough. Our claims processing software helps insurers manage the entire claims lifecycle – from first notice of loss to settlement – all while improving your internal processes and reporting.

Improve claims handling and accelerate cycle times

The advanced reporting and real-time dashboards in Duck Creek’s claims management software distribute data quickly, enabling faster, more informed decisions. Automated intelligent processing assigns claim staff, confirms coverage, sets up tasks, and generates correspondence, all based on information collected at first report.

Providing superior claims handling to customers that have experienced a loss is our top priority. Duck Creek Claims supports increased automation to maximize the efficiency of the claims management process, allowing our agents and adjusters to focus on the people instead of the process.

David E. Conner, VP & Chief Claims Officer
UFG Insurance

Improve customer service flexibility

Communicate and engage customers the way they want to be supported—by phone, email, text, or mail. With our claims management software, you’ll reduce cycle times, which can positively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve retention and business results.

Reduce maintenance and system time and costs

Utilize the advanced codeless configuration capabilities of our insurance claims management software to maintain task creation, assignment rules, and workflows. With single-point-of-change functionality, modifications to information are completed once and reflected through all integrated systems. With the right software, you can improve operational efficiencies, deliver the service your customers expect today, and be prepared to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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