Duck Creek Claims

Duck Creek Claims

Insurance claims software for faster claims handling and happier customers

Drive the Future of Claims

Duck Creek Claims is a comprehensive insurance claims management software that helps insurance companies manage the entire claims lifecycle – from first notice of loss to settlement – in a single integrated solution.

Whether the claim is a simple cracked windshield or a complex workers’ compensation liability claim, Duck Creek insurance claims software provides automated workflows, claims costing, improved data reports and integrations needed to increase the efficiency of your claims operations, policy administration, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


Reduce Claims Cycle Times

Benefit from pre-built, end-to-end claims workflows that enable high to no touch claim handling.

Implement dynamically-guided workflows, rule-driven automation, personalized user interfaces, and data enrichment to automate processes and empower your claims employees to focus on meeting customer expectations.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Achieve personalized, transparent, and effective communications with policyholders and claimants via their preferred channels such as phone, email, text, mail, web, or mobile app.

Our APIs enable you to communicate with customers at all points during the claims process, to maintain empathy, and reassure them during stressful times.

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Innovate Faster & Improve Efficiencies

With our continuous software updates, your claims team will be utilizing the latest technology without the need for lengthy or costly system upgrades.

Leverage our low-code configuration tools, deploy changes rapidly, and focus on accelerating innovation. Learn how modern insurance core systems such as Duck Creek Claims, are supporting rapid innovation across the policy lifecycle in this practical guide.

A Trusted and Reliable SaaS Insurance Claims System
Countries where OnDemand Claims originated
30 Million+
Claims processed via Duck Creek OnDemand
< 1
Number of days to make an assignment or other claims workflow rule change
Claims per day that our software has scaled to during a CAT event

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to claims technology providers that specialize in solving different use cases throughout the insurance claim lifecycle.


Moving to a cloud-based, regularly updated, highly-secure system is the first step in our journey to an operating platform that will ensure we remain meaningful and competitive in our marketplace. We’re already seeing faster performance improvements and look forward to continued progress toward our goals. This is the first step in our plan for successful migration to an integrated, full-suite Duck Creek Platform that will provide us long-term viability in an ever-changing world.

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Whether you’re launching a greenfield initiative, changing providers, or looking to make a digital transformation, our multi-faceted team of insurance and technology experts can help get you there.

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Duck Creek is committed to providing the information you need to solve your insurtech needs. Find answers to common questions below or, if this information isn't enough, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our team will respond with the answers you need.

Can I purchase Duck Creek products as a stand-alone, best-of-breed product, or only as part of a suite of products?

Duck Creek offers you the flexibility to purchase our products either in a stand-alone implementation, as part of an ala carte suite of products, or as a comprehensive suite. Our products are designed to work together or independently, providing you with the choice and flexibility you need.

What are the benefits of buying Duck Creek products as a suite?

Integration: The products are designed to work together seamlessly, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience.
Cost savings: Purchasing products as a suite may offer cost savings compared to purchasing them individually.
Consistency: Using a suite of products from the same company ensures a consistent user experience and reduces the learning curve for new users.

Are Duck Creek products available on the cloud?

Yes - Duck Creek’s products are deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Our evergreen SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is designed to lower the total cost of ownership for your solution without the need for large IT (Information Technology) teams and expensive upgrades. And with Active Delivery TM, available for Claims and Policy today and rolling out to all Duck Creek products, when a new version of a Duck Creek product comes out, “feature flags” allow you to accept the update on your terms, and start using the new version when you choose without deploying an IT team to manually update the system.