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Revolutionize your insurance billing with our efficient software solution designed to enhance operational effectiveness, create delightful customer experiences, and boost your revenue.

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Billing Simplified

Navigating insurance can be a maze due to disjointed billing systems, ever-changing regulations, and high customer expectations.

Duck Creek Billing solves this as a unified payment processing platform integrating tools and workflows for efficiency, fostering team collaboration, and consolidating data — All while prioritizing customer needs, agent satisfaction, and providing a robust partner ecosystem.

Why Duck Creek Billing?

Agent and Broker Satisfaction

Boost business growth via tailor-made commission and incentive plans across the distribution hierarchy.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Maximize receivables collection and minimize delinquency with customer-centric payment and follow-up options.

Effortless Configuration

Use our low-code tools and partner integrations for quick configuration of bill plans matching your customers’ expectations.

Insurers’ Go-to SaaS Billing System


of critical customer service questions addressed on one screen


EFT payments processed per second


Invoices generated per minute

What Our Customers Say

“We took an old insurance company that had very little market share and transformed what was a creaky, very manual, analog system and architecture into a very advanced digital platform within six months. Duck Creek was a key factor in this.”


CEO, Saxon Motor & General Insurance

What Analysts Say About Duck Creek

The role of billing is undergoing a profound transformation, evolving from its conventional position as a primarily ‘back office’ function to a pivotal element in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through their billing solutions, Duck Creek is effectively empowering insurers to achieve precisely that objective.

Karlyn Carnahan, Head Of Insurance

Source: Duck Creek Technologies; August 28, 2023; Duck Creek Ranked as a Luminary in Celent’s 2023 Property Casualty Billing Systems North America, EMEA and APAC Reports [Press Release

Partner Ecosystem Integrations

Discover the comprehensive partner ecosystem that Duck Creek Billing offers, featuring numerous integrations with technology providers specializing in different billing lifecycle use cases.

Duck Creek is committed to providing the information you need to solve your insurtech needs. Find answers to common questions below or, if this information isn’t enough, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our team will respond with the answers you need.

Can I purchase Duck Creek products as a stand-alone, best-of-breed product, or only as part of a suite of products?

Duck Creek offers you the flexibility to purchase our products either in a stand-alone implementation, as part of an ala carte suite of products, or as a comprehensive suite. Our products are designed to work together or independently, providing you with the choice and flexibility you need.

What are the benefits of buying Duck Creek products as a suite?

Integration: The products are designed to work together seamlessly, providing a more streamlined and efficient experience.
Cost savings: Purchasing products as a suite may offer cost savings compared to purchasing them individually.
Consistency: Using a suite of products from the same company ensures a consistent user experience and reduces the learning curve for new users.

Are Duck Creek products available on the cloud?

Yes – Duck Creek’s products are deployed on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Our evergreen SaaS (Software as a Service) platform is designed to lower the total cost of ownership for your solution without the need for large IT (Information Technology) teams and expensive upgrades. And with Active Delivery TM, available for Claims and Policy today and rolling out to all Duck Creek products, when a new version of a Duck Creek product comes out, “feature flags” allow you to accept the update on your terms, and start using the new version when you choose without deploying an IT team to manually update the system.

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