Billing can make or break financial goals and customer relationships.

Once a straightforward accounting function, billing strategies and practices are now key to business success. Peace of mind comes both from end-to-end control of your business and knowing your customers are getting the experience they expect.

About Duck Creek Billing

With Duck Creek Billing, you get a single solution for all your billing capabilities across all lines and bill types, providing you with a holistic view of customer data. Plus, you can expand into new markets with new lines of business – using the same core billing capabilities that can support your business today and tomorrow – all while reducing development and maintenance costs.

Improve customer service

Simple, hassle-free billing (including via mobile devices) and the ability to support all billing types, across every mode of engagement, lets you deliver immediate, top-notch service that customers (both agents and policyholders) demand.

Clear customer summaries across all policies and answers to common questions help you move quickly.

Duck Creek’s sophisticated technology will enhance the speed and quality of our service delivery. This strategic relationship is a win-win for carriers, agents, and their clients.

Rich Drab
CEO | Dovetail Insurance

Bill faster

Our out-of-the-box product automates your most common billing scenarios, allowing your billing department to focus on exceptions. Expand your scope with scalable software that adapts to new collection methods and makes it easier to reach more customers.


Accelerate time to market

Deploy new rules, processes and workflows in a matter of days with upgradable configurations made by business-focused users. Use off-the-shelf payment plans and configurations, billing forms and correspondence, and common billing integrations to move new and updated bill plans to production faster.

Billing case study: Gore MutualGore Mutual Billing case study

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Whether you are starting from scratch, switching providers, or want to customize your products, Duck Creek Technologies’ team of experts can help you get there.

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