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Billing can make or break financial goals and customer relationships.

Today’s customers demand clarity, quickness, and accuracy in their billing interactions. The ability to easily configure flexible billing options, automate and streamline billing processes, and provide intuitive and seamless digital billing and payment experiences is critical to capturing payments and enhancing customer experiences.

About Duck Creek’s Insurance Billing Software

Duck Creek Billing is a complete solution that helps carriers reduce expense ratios, improve bill collection rates, and increase customer satisfaction. It supports critical billing capabilities – including payment plan management and payment processing, customer follow-ups, return payments, and commissions tracking. With automated and streamlined billing workflows and access to clear customer summaries across all policies, CSRs can provide faster responses to billing inquiries, improving overall customer experiences. Duck Creek Billing provides everything you need to manage your receivables as you expand into new markets with new lines of business.

Enhance customer experience and improve bill collection rates

Customer-centric payment plans and follow-ups are key to driving increased receivables collection and reduced delinquency. With Duck Creek Billing, you can give insureds the simplicity and flexibility they expect by providing payment methods such as eCheck, automated EFT, credit/debit card, or traditional lockbox payments. Our solution also makes it easy for you to create communications that are aligned to ideal customer journeys – rules can be defined to automatically trigger reminders and notices, issue penalties for late payments, and rescind any of these actions once payments are received.

In addition to scalability, replacing our existing billing system with Duck Creek Billing OnDemand provides us with upgrades, maintenance, cloud infrastructure and ongoing support. This was a natural choice for us after evaluating how burdensome maintenance can be for core systems. Moving to a SaaS delivery model also gives us the freedom to focus even more of our resources on creating innovative new products and consumer experiences

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Improve agent and broker satisfaction

In today’s competitive market, agent and broker compensation is a key factor influencing which carriers producer place their business with. With Duck Creek Billing, you can easily offer custom commission plans at the agent level and layered commission plans, as well as support commission adjustments through incentive plans. Whether your agents and brokers bill customers directly or you do, Duck Creek Billing makes calculating, disbursing, and reporting commission payments straightforward and transparent, positioning you to attract and retain business.


Get to market faster at a lower cost

Low-code tools enable business users to quickly configure the bill plans your customers demand. Out-of-the-box bill plans, billing forms and correspondences, and common billing integrations improve speed to market, allowing you to move new and updated bill plans to production faster. Our philosophy of keeping carrier configurations separate from our core platform makes it easier for carriers to take system upgrades, while lowering total cost of ownership and enabling carriers to take advantage of new features sooner.

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Billing case study: Gore MutualGore Mutual Billing case study

Leverage the insurtech ecosystem to create innovative billing experiences

The insurtech ecosystem touches nearly every aspect of the insurance lifecycle—including billing. From providing customers electronic signature capture, to chatbots answering billing questions, to using AI to recommend payment plan options to your customers, our extended partner ecosystem provides a number of integrations that can enhance your ability to manage the billing lifecycle more efficiently and provide more convenient customer experiences.

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