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Every minute spent re-inventing the wheel is a minute later getting to market

P&C bureau defined content as well as integrations to the insurtech ecosystem are the fuel on which the industry runs, but keeping up with the volume, complexity, and constant updating has been challenging to implement and maintain – until now.

About Duck Creek Industry Content

Duck Creek Industry Content consists of pre-built commercial lines bureau content from ISO, AAIS, NCCI  and Independent Workers Compensation bureaus, Line of Business Kits, and integrations with third-party solution providers that enable you to get to market quickly and easily. Whether you are launching a minimum viable product or building a specialized offering to differentiate yourself from the competition, industry content saves you from starting from scratch and enables you to innovate faster.

Commercial Lines Bureau Content & Circular Updates

Having pre-built packages, containing up-to-date bureau circulars allows carriers to rollout new products, coverages, and states without taking on long, costly projects.  With Duck Creek’s Commercial Lines Templates, we deliver you with pre-built rates, rules, forms, UI/workflow, statistical codes, and state taxes, fees, and surcharges.

Additionally, content is updated on a monthly basis and made generally available 90 days prior to the effective date with a carrier’s prior deviations maintained as a service. This service allows you to leverage the latest actuarial data to avoid adverse risk selection, and enables you to refocus your IT resources on other product development initiatives and finally be able to stay current.

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Pre-built Line of Business Kits

Why start from scratch when developing new products? Our Line of Business Kits for personal, commercial, and specialty lines contain pre-built templates with rules, rates, and forms to get you most of the way there. Accelerate time to market and focus only on differentiating your products from your competitors.

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Content Exchange

Our open platform makes it easy for you to tap the insurtech ecosystem for integration accelerators and maintained integrations to value rich third-party data providers. You can also access pre-built, implementations of insurance products which include personal, commercial, and specialty product accelerators, and valuable reports that utilize the Duck Creek Technologies platform that enables carriers to modify products and build new ones faster and more easily.

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Duck Creek’s solutions will take us into the future by allowing our company to keep things simple and transparent for customers and agents, while continuing to deliver the speed of service and product enhancements they expect.

Rob Musick
CIO | Cumberland Insurance Group
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