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Every minute spent updating and re-keying is a minute later getting to market

P&C content and standards like Acord, ISO, and AAIS are the fuel on which the industry runs, but its volume, complexity, and constant updating make it a beast to implement and manage.

About Duck Creek Industry Content

Duck Creek’s pre-filled Lines of Business templates, circular updates, and Content Exchange ensure that carriers get the implementation jumpstarts, accelerators, and up-to-date data they need to get to market quickly. It also means that once they’re there, change and innovation without having to start from scratch.

Pre-built templates for your lines of business

Why start from scratch when designing your policies? Rich, pre-packaged templates can get you most of the way there. The only thing left for you is customization – making the product yours.

Automated circular imports and updates

Hundreds of bureau circular updates causing you to fall behind? With Duck Creek Technologies templates, circular updates are done automatically, 90 days prior to effective date, and implemented across applications

Content Exchange

Access to pre-built, cutting-edge prototypes of insurance products, solution offerings, scripts and integrations that utilize the Duck Creek Technologies platform lets carriers modify products and build new ones faster and more easily.

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Whether you are starting from scratch, switching providers, or want to customize your products, Duck Creek Technologies’ team of experts can help you get there.

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