Duck Creek Payments

Connect to the entire global payments ecosystem for collections and payouts regardless of existing IT infrastructure and finance process.  

Payments Simplified

Leveraging and connecting to payment services can be a stumbling block for insurers. Integrations are expensive and often prevent insurers from fully leveraging the full benefits of the payments ecosystem.

Duck Creek Payments bridges the gap for any insurer through a single connection. It simplifies the complexity with seamless access to a diverse range of payment technologies and providers worldwide. Regardless of their existing IT infrastructure and financial process, insurers can connect to the entire global payments ecosystem for both collections and payouts.

We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Deploy the right payment solution in the right market swiftly and seamlessly.

Why Duck Creek Payments?

Reduce cost and engage fewer resources

Reduce integration and ongoing operational costs while engaging with fewer resources to build file formats and connecting with payment providers.

Accelerate speed to market

Through one integration in Payments, you have access to all capabilities, technologies, and providers, off the shelf. Your enterprise can access your chosen providers in a matter of minutes.

Futureproof payment capabilities and providers

Payments does all the heavy lifting, from converting file formats, to building capabilities and workflows, integrating technologies, connecting providers, and reporting on transactions. All in one place.

Insurers’ Go-to SaaS Payment Gateway


Reduction in reconciliation effort*


Increased customer acquisition*

5 minutes

To deploy *

*Customer dependent

Provider Ecosystem Integrations

Discover Duck Creek Payments’ while utilizing integrations with technology providers specializing in different payment use cases.

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