The Duck Creek Difference

Duck Creek solutions are based on modern technologies that empower P&C carriers’ business users by providing flexible and dynamic tools that enable process improvement, next-generation user interfaces, and a future-ready technology platform. Insurers’ business users gain the ability to better and more responsively serve their customers, through the development of new and innovative insurance products that can be introduced into the market rapidly and easily maintained over the life of the product(s), as well as through improved responsiveness to customer interactions via Duck Creek’s user interface options.

Duck Creek helps carriers achieve their objectives by:

Supporting profitability and policy volume with increased speed to market, by helping to deliver new products targeted to, and customized for, insurers’ specific markets. Increased quality can be achieved by defining and managing all product features in one powerful, easy-to-use, and integrated development environment. The Duck Creek Platform helps carriers innovate, create, deploy new products, and expand into new markets in record time.

Building new products and updating existing products rapidly – The Duck Creek Platform utilizes an industry-leading flexible product definition and development toolset that allows business users to manage product changes without changing code. This frees up IT professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives instead of handling day-to-day changes to insurance products. This integrated product development environment is a single location within our software that allows business users to quickly manage and change rules, rates, product documentation, tasks, testing, and modeling. The Duck Creek Platform was designed from the start to feature “single point of change” functionality that allows business users to make changes in a single place – not myriad places within multiple systems – saving time and maintenance cost.

Streamlining processes – Duck Creek helps carriers streamline operations by using one single platform to serve many audiences. This eliminates steps in the issuance process and makes any insurer easier to do business with. Having utilized the Duck Creek Platform to achieve their business goals, our customers report the following benefits:

  • 70% reduction in time to update rates and factors
  • 75% reduction in IT backlogs
  • Quotes up by 50%
  • 30% reduction in time to generate a quote
  • 40% reduction in referrals through automated underwriting

Implementing a mature system built on a modern platform that can support all lines of business. The Duck Creek Platform offers:

  • A mature solution that has been in the Property and Casualty market for 17+ years with 2,000+ person years of investment, is consistently rated as a top solution by industry analysts, and is utilized by 170+ insurers worldwide
  • Modern technology architecture that is web-based, highly configurable, scalable, and future-ready
  • Clear separation between carriers’ insurance products and the Duck Creek Platform, protecting insurers’ IP investments and reducing costly upgrades
  • Product definition tools that allow insurers to configure all aspects of an insurance product, allowing carriers and their business users to control their own destinies
  • A single point of change for product development and maintenance, resulting in increased speed to market
  • Open architecture for ease of integration with existing and future external systems
  • A robust platform with proven performance and scalability

Delivering an easily upgradable solution. The Duck Creek Platform was designed for clear separation between carriers’ insurance product definitions (Intellectual Property or IP) and Platform code. This separation allows for solution upgrades to be installed without reworking defined insurance products. To date, 90+ upgrades have been completed on our core solutions.

Delivering scalable solutions with proven performance metrics. Duck Creek solutions are designed to be scalable both “up” and “out.”

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