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There’s a new standard in pet insurance – one where insurers offer flexible, comprehensive pet protection, giving owners peace of mind. Duck Creek enables carriers to not only offer sickness and accident coverage but also provide coverage for smart collar device protection, vaccination plans and online veterinary support. Insurers can track pet activity, compare benchmarks for the same breed, enrich the underwriting journey with cutting edge data and improve pricing accuracy and policyholder experience.

The Duck Creek suite provides an out of the box pet line of business accelerator, with coverage, rates, rules, and workflows available out of the box, and low code configuration tools to enable insurers to launch products and iterate rapidly.  An ecosystem of partner solution integrations is also available to deliver cutting edge data and analytics that pet insurers need to stay ahead of competition, achieve operational efficiency and capture market share in a rapidly growing industry.


Proven Success
Accelerate speed-to-market

Utilize pre-built content for pet insurance and modern, low-code configuration tools that enable rapid iteration and launch of pet insurance products, defining workflows, and business rules with ease.

Improve underwriting and pricing accuracy

Enrich risk information with cutting edge data sources during the quote journey to accurately price the risk and improve underwriting selection.

Deliver excellent customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction with straightforward, easy to navigate workflows and experiences that enable quick responses to pet owner’s claims and policy changes.

End-to-End Personal Pet Lifecycle

Deliver tailored pet insurance that gives owners the right protection.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Leverage our Pet Insurance line of business accelerator and low code configuration tools to quickly develop coverages, rules, rates, and forms
  • Access our partner ecosystem integrations for data validation of pet address and location, breed information, pet activity & tracking to enable better underwriting decisions.


  • Implement new products in weeks, not years
  • Reduce product development resources
  • Improve risk selection and pricing

Enable touchless underwriting of pet insurance including sickness, accident, device protection and vaccination plan. 

Capabilities Enabled

  • Automate the pet insurance lifecycle from quote to underwriting and renewal
  • Deliver rating results within seconds to comparative shopping websites, customer portals and agency management systems
  • Easily process endorsements and add multiple pets in a single policy
  • Utilize data from smart pet protection devices to track pet activity and compare with benchmarks of similar breed. Also leverage our ecosystem integrations to consult an online vet or schedule a vaccination appointment.


  • Improve customer satisfaction through self-service and low touch experience
  • Reduce underwriting expenses through automation
  • Safer pets – notify pet owners of pet movement and achieve a differentiated service

Develop flexible pet insurance payment options your customers expect

Capabilities Enabled

  • Define payment plans, discounts and installments that meet the unique needs of pet insurance business
  • Configure communications regarding reminders and notices or penalties for late payments
  • Leverage APIs to provide businesses seamless omni-channel payment options across web, mobile, email and text


  • Increase customer retention by offering recurring payments vs one-time payments
  • Reduce payment related calls

From sickness, accidental to device loss claims, automate the pet insurance claims lifecycle

Capabilities Enabled

  • Streamline the entire claims lifecycle from FNOL to investigation, evaluation, adjudication, and payment
  • Engage with pet owners and deliver transparency throughout the claims lifecycle; reassure and update them on the status of their claims status and payments
  • Integrate with our partner ecosystem of veterinary doctors and utilize data from collar devices to prevent losses, fraud and reduce claims cost


  • Decrease claims processing time
  • Reduce claims leakage
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Improve ease of doing business with customers, brokers and via aggregators.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Provide a mobile-friendly front end with data prefill capabilities to deliver self-service anytime, anywhere across all key transactions like quoting, paying bills and reporting claim and checking status
  • Deliver rating results within seconds to comparative shopping websites, customer, and agent portals
  • Leverage a single point of change to maintain multiple user portals under a common set of product definitions


  • Increase new business through digital channels
  • Lower customer acquisitions cost
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Gain a 360-degree view of pet owners, their pet, and related risks.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Create a single source of truth that consolidates pet owner, pet, collar device and pet activity data across Duck Creek solutions, internal systems, and third-party industry sources
  • Develop persona-based reports and dashboards that answer common operational or management questions and provide analytical insights to executives, underwriters, and claims handlers
  • Embed analytical insights into underwriting and claims workflows to trigger meaningful actions


  • Get a 360-degree view to improve risk analysis and prevention
  • Improve pricing and reserving accuracy
  • Increase fraud detection and prevention

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