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About Duck Creek University

Duck Creek University was created as an alternative to traditional software user guides and online training videos. We believe that technology should power ingenuity, rather than replace it. Here, you’ll learn hands-on from technology experts who will guide you through the process of mastering our intuitive software solutions; you will leave the experience proficient in the use of our products and confident in your ability to lead your business into the future with Duck Creek Technologies as your partner.

DCU is focused on people, not products. We don’t just show students how to work with our software; we teach them that the power to create a stronger future is in their hands. Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page.

What We Offer

Experience & Expertise

Learn from configurators, developers, analysts, and delivery leads who have met and solved real-world implementation challenges. Our trainers are industry professionals with extensive experience as configurators and developers on actual Duck Creek Technologies solution implementations. Most have backgrounds in both software and education, giving them the ability to clearly explain complex technical concepts.

Hands-On Approach

Our courses involve many hands-on learning labs and practical exercises to bring discussion topics and concepts to life. Trainees can design and implement their own solutions in real time, working from a syllabus of real-world problem statements.

Online Training

Our subscription-based Duck Creek University Learning Center is a library of on-demand course material that complements our instructor-led sessions and later serves as refresher reference material. Most online courses include scored assessments that help evaluate subject matter proficiency, and a full-time staff of program administrators is always available to help.

Learning Your Way

Choose from instructor-led training at a Duck Creek Technologies facility, on-site sessions at your location, or remote learning.

Role-Based Education

As an alternative to choosing course sets by subject matter, Duck Creek University can match students with training regimens appropriate to specific client job functions. Available as instructor-led courses or online, DCU can provide prescribed learning paths for common roles including Duck Creek Claims Configurator, Duck Creek Billing Business Analyst, and Duck Creek Policy Field Engineer.

Tailored Learning

Need a specialized curriculum? Choose only the topics you need and our training consultants will work with you to configure a unique lesson plan for your team.


Duck Creek University Certification Programs provide formal recognition for employees of our partners and clients who have achieved levels of mastery in implementing Duck Creek Technologies solutions, demonstrating the value these professionals can offer their organizations.

DCU provides great training material that allows HUB International to hire new employees, bring them up to speed in DCT, and provide value to the teams they are on. The trainers are excellent and always go the extra mile to make sure their clients are happy and fully understand the material being delivered. DCU also has material for advanced users, which allows our seasoned developers to gain knowledge about new functionality in the platform. This empowers them to implement better and more efficient configurations for our products, allowing for greater speed to market and an easier-to-maintain solution.

Phil Moura
Application Architect | HUB International
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