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Your agents and brokers should fuel your bottom line – not drain your resources.

Enabling your producers to succeed requires making it easy for them to do business with you, and equipping them with resources so that they can focus on growing your business.

About Duck Creek Distribution Management

Duck Creek Distribution Management helps P&C insurance carriers effectively drive revenue growth through their producer networks. With the ability to optimize onboarding, compensation, and relationship management processes related to their sales channels, as well as automate activities and make changes on the fly with low-code configurations, carriers can increase the productivity of their producer networks while increasing their own operational efficiencies and ensuring continuous compliance.

Get new agents and brokers producing results quickly and efficiently

In today’s digital world, any time spent on manual processes is time lost on developing business. Efforts to onboard new producers take time away from initiatives that can add value for years to come – and from your agents’ and brokers’ business development activities.

With Duck Creek Distribution Management, key onboarding activities are handled automatically, saving your organization valuable time and getting your producers up to speed and booking business as soon as possible while also maintaining compliance to licensing and regulatory requirements (leveraging industry standards like NIPR).

Automating many of our producer management activities has had a significant impact on the efficiency of our distribution channel. This solution has been a valuable tool for StarStone for many years.

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Handle new and intricate compensation structures with ease

Complex and flexible commission structures for both transactional and incentive compensation programs are becoming more prevalent. Some carriers are beginning to pay commissions more frequently than the traditional monthly payment schedule as a differentiating feature to drive more business. Supporting these new structures with spreadsheets or legacy systems can range from time-consuming to impossible.

Duck Creek Distribution Management removes roadblocks to non-traditional compensation structures, letting carriers choose when and how their producers get paid and alter those structures at any time with low-code configuration tools.

Strengthen relationships with producers

Interactions between agents and field marketing representatives are the cornerstone of the producer and carrier relationship. Making those interactions valuable for both sides can drive producer loyalty and the business growth that both sides seek.

Leveraging Distribution Management’s performance analytics, everyone has full transparency into metrics like forecasts, premiums written, losses from claims, and more. This common visibility into sales performance enables trust and transparency, allowing carriers and producers to better collaborate on strategies and action plans to improve growth.

Empower agents with information

A motivated agent network with the right resources at hand is more capable of achieving the results carriers demand.

Duck Creek Distribution Management tears down the barriers that can slow down or prevent producers from taking action. With self-service tools, producers have free and seamless access to information like performance reports, contest standings, and compensation inquiries that can empower them to achieve and surpass their goals.

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