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Enable and manage your producer workforce

Duck Creek Distribution Management is a modern producer relationship management system that enables insurers to tailor all aspects of the producer lifecycle to attract, retain, increase productivity, and build trust with agents, brokers, MGAs, and other intermediaries. As a modern SaaS application, Distribution Management digitally transforms workflows to increase business agility, streamline operations, and ensure continuous compliance.


Create productive and collaborative relationships with producers

One-size-fits-all approaches to managing relationships with all your producers are obsolete. To help carriers ensure that relationships remain productive, Distribution Management empowers sales managers and field representatives to create differentiated onboarding experiences, build targeted performance and incentive plans, and nurture producers with timely and valuable information.

Enhance sales and marketing decision making

Producer performance data is often spread across multiple systems, spreadsheets, or on paper, which makes it challenging for leaders to make data-driven decisions. Distribution Management puts data at insurer’s fingertips to drive action, identify best practices, and offer the transparency needed to collaboratively strategize with their producers to meet the needs of the market.

Increase efficiency and compliance of distribution channels

Duck Creek Distribution Management digitally transforms operations and enhances experiences by automating activities such as background checks, license/appointment data imports, and compensation calculations. Distribution Management enables insurers to offload labor-intensive administrative work and focus on value-added activities like onsite visits, strategic planning, and sharing of performance insights.


Our loss ratios are 20% lower than what we expected when we started this business. That’s due in part to our ability to make changes in Duck Creek and deploy them into production very quickly when underwriters see emerging trends.

The volume of work we do with independent agents makes automated distribution channel management a key resource for our organization. We have enjoyed many tangible benefits from our relationship with Duck Creek.

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