Duck Creek Anywhere

Legacy, closed core systems prevent carriers from meeting customer needs and hinder innovation

The path forward to competing today and in the future requires an open platform designed to sit at the center of your P&C solutions - and seamlessly integrate into the broader insurance technology ecosystem.

About Duck Creek Anywhere

Duck Creek Anywhere is a robust set of APIs that allow carriers to integrate their Duck Creek core systems with other internal tools and proprietary external web experiences, as well as integrate third-party data and services from the broader insurance vendor ecosystem via our growing number of Anywhere Managed Integrations (AMIs) and Anywhere Enabled Integrations (AEIs). By allowing carriers to choose from the best set of available data and services quickly and affordably, while making our core systems easy to integrate with, carriers have unparalleled flexibility and speed to ensure that they are equipped to support their business strategies and meet evolving market requirements.

The Power of Duck Creek Anywhere

Build Your Own User Experiences

By leveraging a headless approach to developing user experiences, carriers can create differentiated mobile and web experiences that seamlessly integrate with Duck Creek applications through our Duck Creek Anywhere APIs. Our rich set of web services utilize open standards such as RESTful APIs and enable thousands of calls to be easily made across the Duck Creek Suite.

Anywhere Managed Integrations (AMIs)

As part of our SaaS offering, Duck Creek OnDemand, AMIs allow carriers to leverage productized integrations to today’s most widely utilized P&C insurance data and services solutions, including MVR lookups, hazard metrics, document management, and more. Fully managed and maintained, these pre-built integrations reduce implementation timeframes and ensure business continuity with full support included throughout upgrades, as well as when third-party vendors modify their offerings.

Anywhere Enabled Integrations (AEIs)

From predictive fraud analytics to in-home and vehicle telematics, the insurance industry is booming with innovative new capabilities, data sources, services, and insurtech startups. By providing carriers with clean integration patterns, workflow instructions, screens, and more, our growing collection of AEIs provide carriers a jumping off point for taking advantage of these new capabilities in unique ways and quickly integrating them into their core systems and business processes.

With a continued focus on the ever-changing needs of our clients and the industry, integration with Duck Creek OnDemand allows us to be more competitive in the marketplace. Partnering with Duck Creek gives us simple and secure access to a wide range of applications, updates and infrastructure to make better decisions for our policyholders and plan for our digital future.

Abe Badani
President & CEO | Anchor General