Innovative Pathways to Premium Growth in Global Markets

Embedded insurance offerings represent the innovation fueling the evolution of insurance distribution globally – one where insurance coverage is offered to customers at the point of sale itself. The global embedded insurance industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 21% and reach $700bn in premium by 2030, according to analysis by Simon Torrance referenced in Fintech Futures. Carriers can leverage this channel by embedding insurance into products offered by banks, airlines, automobile manufacturers, logistics, e-commerce platforms, and others. This presents an opportunity for carriers to increase penetration and grow revenue. Retailers benefit by delivering insurance coverage at the point of sale and earn loyal customers by helping customers protect purchases with a hassle-free experience.

Duck Creek enables carriers and distribution partners to address this market with its embedded insurance solution. Duck Creek offers comprehensive line of business content to support a wide variety of products. These include personal lines, commercial lines, and specialty lines, such as Cyber, Medical Professional Liability and others. Leveraging the low-code configuration capabilities of the Duck Creek platform, Duck Creek Policy can be configured to support dynamic product selection, coverage recommendation, and dynamic pricing support enabled by AI/ML capabilities. An ecosystem of partner solution integrations is also available to deliver cutting edge data and analytics that carriers need to stay ahead of competition, achieve operational efficiency and grow market share.


Proven Success
Increase revenue and profitability

Increase sales, lower acquisition and distribution costs for expanded reach by embedding insurance coverage at the point of sale.

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Improve customer experience

Deliver an end-to-end low friction policy shopping experience by combining the sales journeys of retail and insurance products through one system with a single combined invoice.

Accelerate speed-to-market

Utilise pre-configured line of business content to speed up the launch of embedded insurance products.

End-to-End Embedded Insurance Lifecycle

Deliver embedded insurance that gives owners the protection right at the point of sale.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Embedded insurance solution and low code configuration tools to quickly configure pre-underwritten products. The solution is currently optimized for vehicle and travel Insurance, and can be quickly extended for other lines of business
  • Dynamic product selection and personalized coverage recommendation
  • Cloud ecosystem utilizing AI and ML based modeling to mitigate underwriting risk and optimize pricing


  • Implement and deploy new embedded products in weeks, not years
  • Offer personalized products and coverages based on individual risk profile and retail product attributes.

Deliver insurance coverage through a distribution channel of choice

Capabilities Enabled

  • Pre-built APIs to embed insurance coverage into the purchase journey of the product itself enabling use of a single system for distribution partners such as automobile dealers, airlines, wearables, electrical goods, banks, logistics companies, and others


  • Improve customer and partner satisfaction by integrating journeys within the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)/automobile dealer system, or airline ticketing system to improve experience
  • Lower customer acquisition and distribution cost

Convenient payment options for insurance aligned to the purchase of the product

Capabilities Enabled

  • Define billing and installment plans, that meet the unique insurance needs of retail shoppers and distribution partners. Reports to accelerate reconciliation of premium receipt and commissions for distribution partners


  • Single invoice for the purchase of a product and insurance cover
  • Accuracy in reconciliation of low value, high volume transactions

Deliver pre-underwritten product and multiple plan options

Capabilities Enabled

  • Deliver pre-underwritten coverages, rules, rates and offer multiple plan options to choose from to meet the unique needs of the embedded insurance business
  • Pricing results delivered within seconds based on dynamic coverage selection


  • Single invoice for the purchase of a product and insurance coverage
  • On the spot coverage confirmation delivered on a communication channel of choice eg. email, SMS, WhatsApp, and others

Automate the insurance claims lifecycle for vehicle, travel, wearables etc

Capabilities Enabled

  • Efficiently manage the entire claims lifecycle from first notification of loss (FNOL) to investigation, evaluation, adjudication, and payment
  • Schedule appointment with repair shops and services such as alternate car rentals, roadside assistance, and emergency accommodation


  • Decrease claims processing time
  • Reduce claims leakage
  • Build distribution partner and policy owner loyalty

Gain a 360-degree view of policyholders and related risks.

Capabilities Enabled

  • Utilize AI and ML led analytics to offer personalized coverages and optimize pricing based on individual risk profile
  • Develop persona-based reports and dashboards that answer common operational and management questions, and provide analytical insights to distribution partners, underwriters, and claims handlers


  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Track premium growth and claims trends in embedded market segments to inform business strategy
  • Improve underwriting and pricing accuracy