Core systems today can’t just tackle today’s challenges—they must be built for what’s ahead.

Legacy systems, and even most modern core applications, were developed to address the business needs at hand. In an industry where accelerated change is the greatest challenge, systems must be designed expressly for it.

About the Duck Creek Platform

The Duck Creek Platform is the architectural foundation for all our products—designed to boost speed to market and organizational agility, ease integrations with the insurtech ecosystem, enhance user productivity, and decrease total cost of ownership. Our applications are architected with open APIs, supported by low-code configuration tools, and built from the start with a commitment to keep our code separate from your IP. This combination creates future-ready solutions that put you in control of change.

Built for change and efficiency

Low-code configuration

Duck Creek’s low-code configuration tools let all business users, not just IT, make system changes without having to modify the underlying code, which shortens development cycles and let carriers move faster.

The ability to make changes to products and user experiences quickly in a single place—and have those changes perpetuate across any application or system using Duck Creek definitions–also lets carriers react to and capitalize on new market trends, opportunities, and evolving customer expectations.

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Simplified integrations

Inherently open, the Duck Creek Platform makes it fast and easy for carriers to connect their core systems to other internal tools, proprietary web experiences, or the burgeoning ecosystem of third-party data and service providers. Our robust set of APIs, integration methodologies, and a rich library of partner connectors give carriers what they need to fully support their business strategies.

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User experience

Our core applications have a consistent look and feel, allowing users to navigate quickly and easily among them. Built on extensive persona-based research, our products offer relevant and intuitive layouts, workflows, and functionality. Experiences for each user—business, technical, agent, or consumer—render differently to meet their unique needs.

Process management

Duck Creek’s years of P&C experience and knowledge of carriers’ business processes allow us to pre-bake best practices and integrated workflows into our Platform. These can be fully automated or kept in the hands of skilled employees—streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.

Data management

Duck Creek applications create transactional data that documents actions and results, while low-code tools create configuration metadata on user-defined data properties and settings. All this information is stored in a secure system-of-record data store and can flow seamlessly into downstream reporting and analytics solutions.

Separation of your IP and our code = future-readiness

Part of our architectural philosophy is to keep the metadata that defines a carrier’s products, processes, and intellectual property (IP) apart from Duck Creek’s core system code. When carriers use our low-code tools or write custom extensions, customer layers are built and kept separate from our core software.

This unique approach allows our Platform to be easily upgraded—making it easy for carriers to stay current, quickly take advantage of platform enhancements, and significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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A new insurance playbook

Combining our open, flexible platform; rich set of P&C applications and line of business-specific content; and SaaS delivery, carriers can transform their organization—meeting fast-changing market needs, operating more efficiently, and innovating faster than ever.

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Being able to meet our customers’ digital needs where and when they want is critical to meeting their new service expectations. That digital capability, plus our team’s ability to launch new products and change existing ones without any coding, put Duck Creek ahead of the pack for us.

Paul Adkins
Florida Peninsula Insurance
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