Spot fraudulent claims immediately while paying legitimate ones with the speed your customers deserve. FRISS provides sophisticated, real-time fraud detection directly within Duck Creek Claims.

With FRISS AI-powered risk and fraud detection solutions for underwriting, claims, and SIU, insurers in over 30 countries grow their businesses. FRISS detects fraud, mitigates risks, and supports digital transformation. Insurers lower their loss ratios, enable profitable portfolio growth, and improve customer experiences. The software seamlessly integrates with Duck Creek core solutions and insurance processes. Using the FRISS Score®, users can incorporate a standardized score to detect fraud and deliver actionable insights. Click here to learn more about FRISS.

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FRISS is the leading expert in the field of fraud, risk, and compliance for the insurance industry, with 150+ implementations at insurers across the globe

Highly-configurable system using FRISS’s APIs

Out-of-the box set of indicators available for immediate results

Fixed-price, short implementations with great track record


Cloud-based solutions

Solutions powered by AI and machine learning offer customers modern, cutting-edge technology

The core of each solution is powered by the FRISS Score®, based on a hybrid detection method. It combines insurance expert business knowledge, based on 10+ years of experience, with proprietary data, external data sources, and AI.


Experts in addressing geospatial and logistical problems across many industries

Data-driven approach to solving insurance-specific pain points

Over 150 implementations in over 30 countries

Industry analysts have recognized FRISS as the market leader concerning fraud and risk solutions for P&C insurance companies

“Expert Insurance knowledge inside” – FRISS has years of experience in insurance processes, with a great number of employees who have worked for insurance companies