FRISS is the leading provider of Trust Automation for Property & Casualty insurers. They provide real-time, data-driven scores and insights of the inherent risks of customers and interactions. One of their main goals is to help customers prevent paying higher premiums because others commit fraud. Utilizing AI technology and data, their Trust Automation Platform streamlines processes for trustworthy and honest customers while automatically preventing fraud attempts.

FRISS Underwriting Insights

FRISS Underwriting Insights provides comprehensive commercial risk profiles for SME business requesting a policy. The fast and smart data gathering delivers unparalleled insights and creates a true picture of each commercial risk by uncovering business practices, violations, licenses and inspections, and more, allowing insurers to properly write the business they want and at the right price, leading to reduced loss ratios. It uses a prefill scenario in the Duck Creek Policy workflow during underwriting procedures.

FRISS Claims Analytics

FRISS Claims Analytics is an AI-powered Insurance Fraud Detections solution that enables you to put sincere claims on a fast track while automatically identifying suspicious claims. FRISS provides their sophisticated, real-time fraud detection capabilities directly within Duck Creek Claims, enabling claims automation and a superb user experience, leading to improved loss ratios and lower claims leakage.

Both the Underwriting Insights and the Claims Analytics solutions are available as Anywhere Enabled Integrations in our Content Exchange.

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  • FRISS is the leading expert in the field fraud, risk and compliance for the insurance industry, with 300+ implementations in over 45 countries across the world
  • Proven solutions, used by leading insurers in the industry
  • Fixed-price, short implementations with great track record
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Data-driven screening and risk assessment capabilities available in real-time
  • The core of every FRISS solution is powered by the FRISS Score® which is based on our hybrid detection capabilities. It combines the best of all worlds in a single score leveraging powerful AI, machine learning and text mining, insurance expert knowledge, proprietary data and external data sources
  • A FRISS Score® always comes with a comprehensive explanation through indicators and detailed clarifications, giving underwriters, claims adjusters and investigators the information they need to do their jobs in the best, unbiassed and most consistent way possible
  • Strong background and experience in the insurance industry, so FRISS understands the principles of risk underwriting, claims handling and fraud investigation. A large number of FRISS employees have worked for leading insurance companies
  • Industry analysts have recognized FRISS as the leading provider of fraud and risk assessment solutions for the P&C industry
  • Data-driven approach to solving insurance-specific pain points