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There’s a new standard in homeowners’ insurance which allows carriers to quickly design intuitive and intelligent solutions that adapt to homeowners’ ever-changing needs by providing policy solutions, flexible payment options, frictionless claim resolution, and superior user experiences. With the Duck Creek Suite, we provide insurance-specific SaaS applications, homeowners-specific integrations and content, and low-code tools you need to rapidly seize opportunity and reinvent yourself in a market of constant change.


Achieve hyper-personalization

Tailor coverage to insureds’ needs by unifying multiple data sources such as roof quality and risk perils, policyholder credit score, home telematics, and fraud risk protection to create a single source of truth that captures customer intent. Make products that incorporate non-traditional variables for pricing and discounts that incentivize producers and influence customer behavior.

Deliver products at scale quickly

Create straightforward, easy-to-navigate workflows that enable self-service experiences for homeowners and producers. Leverage reusable components from implemented homeowners’ products to rapidly develop products that ensure price adequacy and proper segmentation.

Efficiently Service Customers

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing convenient, transparent interactions and streamlined workflows through automated quotes, implementing low touch underwriting, and streamlining claims that utilize data from our vast partner ecosystem. Provide easy access to information through next-gen portals designed to meet the expectations of agents and policyholders for digital interactions.

UPC created Skyway Technologies as an insurtech arm of the UPC UHIC family. It has allowed us to expand our business to new channels. By leveraging the Duck Creek inheritance model, we were able to use products that we have already filed for the agent channel. This enabled us to create a new distribution method for direct-to-consumer for the same product, with a headless UI utilizing API calls.

From ideation in November 2020 to delivery, Skyway launched a direct-to-consumer condo product in Florida in the summer of 2021 in nine months!

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to technology providers who support homeowners:

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