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There’s a new standard in homeowners’ insurance which allows insurers to quickly design intuitive and intelligent solutions that adapt to homeowners’ ever-changing needs by providing policy solutions, flexible payment options, frictionless claim resolution, and superior user experiences. With the Duck Creek Suite, we provide insurance-specific SaaS applications, homeowners-specific integrations and content, and low-code tools you need to rapidly seize opportunity and reinvent yourself in a market of constant change.


Achieve hyper-personalisation

Tailor coverage to insureds’ needs by unifying multiple data sources such as roof quality and risk perils, policyholder credit score, home telematics, and fraud risk protection to create a single source of truth that captures customer intent. Make products that incorporate non-traditional variables for pricing and discounts that incentives producers and influence customer behavior.

Deliver products at scale quickly

Create straightforward, easy-to-navigate workflows that enable self-service experiences for homeowners and producers. Leverage reusable components from implemented homeowners’ products to rapidly develop products that ensure price adequacy and proper segmentation.

Efficiently Service Customers

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing convenient, transparent interactions and streamlined workflows through automated quotes, implementing low touch underwriting, and streamlining claims that utilise data from our vast partner ecosystem. Provide easy access to information through next-gen portals designed to meet the expectations of agents and policyholders for digital interactions.

Humanized Insurance Technology enables people to connect with each other through the insurance lifecycle, in real-time, through channels that are highly personalized and connected experiences that empower people with insights and productivity.

Jess Keeney, Chief Product Officer
Duck Creek Technologies Chief Product Officer

End-to-End Homeowners Lifecycle

Utilize our Homeowners LOB kit in conjunction with Duck Creek Rating to deliver homeowners’ insurance that gives homeowners the right protection

Capabilities Enabled

  • Leverage our Personal Home LOB Kits and low-code tools to quickly develop coverages, rules, rates, and forms to better protect homeowners and their properties
  • Access our partner ecosystem integrations for data validation of property address and location, roof quality, natural disaster intelligence, etc., which enable more accurate pricing and streamline underwriting


  • Implement new products in weeks, not years
  • Reduce product development resources

Enable “touchless” underwriting of personal property for new and renewal business

Capabilities Enabled

  • Automate the homeowners’ policy lifecycle from quote to underwriting and renewal with the ability to include skilled employees as needed
  • Deliver rating results within seconds to comparative shopping websites or agency management systems and tailor quotes
  • Process out-of-sequence endorsements and easily add new property such as jewelry, fine art, or anything else of value
  • Utilize smart sensors and smart devices through our ecosystem integrations that prevent loss by notifying insureds of potential issues such as gas leaks, water leaks, or open garages


  • Increase customer satisfaction through more adequate and affordable coverage
  • Safer homes – pay for required protection
  • Notify insureds of issues such as leaks via smart sensors

Develop the flexible homeowners’ insurance payment options your customers expect

Capabilities Enabled

  • Define payment plans, discounts, and installments that meet the unique needs of customer journeys
  • Support modern payment options like eCheck or auto-pay from bank accounts and credit cards
  • Reach out to homeowners with reminders and notices or implement penalties for late payments to ensure that payments are received on time
  • Leverage APIs to provide homeowners seamless, omni-channel payment options across web, mobile, email, and text messaging


  • Increase customer retention by offering recurring payments vs one-time payments
  • Reduce payment-related calls

From wind and hail damage to break-ins and theft, automate the homeowners’ claims lifecycle

Capabilities Enabled

  • Automate property loss from first notice to investigation, evaluation, adjudication, payment, and CAT management with the ability to include skilled claims handlers as needed
  • Engage with homeowners and deliver transparency throughout the claims lifecycle when necessary to reassure and update them on the status of their claims
  • Utilize digital capabilities to complete the investigation phase and avoid in-person inspections
  • Integrate with our partner ecosystem to utilize IoT devices to prevent losses and enable connected homes


  • Decrease claims processing times
  • Reduce claims leakage
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Speed claim processing and resolution
  • Lower loss adjustment expenses
  • Improve homeowner/claimant experiences

Engage with more productive and loyal producers

Capabilities Enabled

  • Ensure that homeowners and renters find the right coverage by extending your distribution networks with our partner ecosystem
  • Seamlessly connect customers or agents to quoting portals by eliminating redundant data entry after they initiate quotes on agent
  • Leverage a single point of change to maintain multiple user portals under a common set of product definitions


  • Increase new business to consumer or agent portals
  • Increase agent retention
  • Optimize quote to bind ratios
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Lower portal maintenance costs

Gain a 360-degree view of homeowner, dwelling, and related risks

Capabilities Enabled

  • Create a single source of truth that consolidates homeowner and property data across Duck Creek solutions, internal systems, and external data feeds like smart sensors
  • Maintain timely views of the homeowner, regulatory, and economic landscape with tools that ease data mapping, business rules management, and metrics development
  • Develop persona-based reports and dashboards that answer common operational or management questions and provide analytic insights to executives, underwriters, and claims handlers


  • Improve reserving accuracy
  • Reduce expenses and optimize claims cycle times
  • Improve reporting accuracy
  • Get a 360=degree view of homeowner, dwelling, property, (location, credit score) and related risks
  • Improve risk analysis and prevention

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to technology providers who support homeowners: