CAPE Analytics

AI-powered property intelligence for insured risk

CAPE Analytics provides 70+ risk-predictive property insights for residential and commercial buildings. They are derived by applying machine learning and computer vision from multiple geospatial imagery sources and other data types. Duck Creek uses CAPE’s API for a solution that offers market-leading speed, accuracy, and scale of insights all without leaving a Duck Creek screen.

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360 Property Insights

Deeply predictive insights that help carriers quote, underwrite, rate, and renew home and commercial property insurance policies with improved ratios—all in an automated environment. Configure Duck Creek’s flexible rules engine using CAPE Analytics’ property information based on underwriting and rating criteria.

Roof Condition Rating

CAPE Roof Condition Rating contributes a significant predictive signal for loss potential. Roofs in the worst condition have wind loss ratios 400% of the best roofs, and 49% higher for all perils. Roofs rated as being in fair condition have significantly higher losses than roofs in good condition, despite being only one level apart—allowing for unparalleled splitting power.

Weather Perils: Wind, Wildfire, & Hail

Select and price weather risks with a holistic and highly predictive approach to understanding property vulnerability. Engage property owners with potential mitigation strategies that could harden their homes and keep them safe.

Purefill: AI-Powered Prefill

A next-generation prefill solution, for the most accurate replacement cost and Coverage A calculations. State-of-the-art technology and novel data sources provide a new level of prefill consistency, accuracy, and transparency.


360 Property Insights

Gain insight into property characteristics that drive risk across residential and commercial policies. Instantly available property attributes inform new business quoting, underwriting, and renewal workflows.

Roof Condition Rating

CAPE Roof Condition Rating (RCR) provides an easy-to-use score that indicates the overall condition of the roof with reason codes to explain the rating. RCR is used by many leading carriers for rating, quoting, underwriting, and inspection triage.

Weather Perils: Wind, Wildfire, & Hail

Risk scores for wind, hail, and wildfire provide transparent analytics for the most predictive and explainable property-level risk assessments. Predictive risk scores and unique property-level attributes provide comprehensive and transparent risk assessment.

Purefill: AI-Powered Prefill

Gain a more accurate prefill experience and high fill rate by combining high-resolution imagery and structured data with advanced machine learning. Dozens of property attributes improve the dependability of home insurance prefill, leading to more accurate replacement cost estimates and a better match of premium to true exposure.

Prefill critical property attributes directly into Duck Creek Policy to accurately and efficiently assess and rate policies.


CB Insights AI 100 – awarded to companies successfully using AI to solve big challenges

Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 – awarded to technology companies providing impactful solutions for insurance carriers

CAPE Analytics’ advisory board includes experts in the insurance business and technology sectors