Duck Creek is pleased to announce the winners and finalists of Hatch-A-Thon ’24. This year, we had two tracks for our System Integrators and Solution Partners.

Stay tuned for Hatch-A-Thon ’25 when we look forward to inviting our valued partners to present your hacks, processes, and innovative product solutions that will advance the P&C industry and the Duck Creek Suite!

The projects from our finalists were presented on the mainstage at Formation ’24! These projects were voted on live during the event to declare the winner of this year’s Hatch-A-Thon! The winning team were recognized onstage at Formation and received a prize package following the event.

This year, we were Simplifying Complexity at Formation ’24. We challenge you to keep insurance human, find untapped synergy between insurance operations, and integrate technologies that enhance customer experience. Let’s build the future of insurance by simplifying complexity!

1. Information Session

An information session will be held on February 1, 2024. During this session, we will give an overview of the program and answer questions from attendees.

2. Selection Process

The Duck Creek Hatch-A-Thon Review Board will evaluate each submission to determine entry into the tournament. Submitters are encouraged to explain how your project supports one of our business initiatives. Submitters of selected ideas receive selection notification by February 29, 2024.

3. Hatch-A-Thon Tournament

The submitter of the selected idea will be responsible for registering their team of 4 for the tournament. This year’s Hatch-A-Thon will take place virtually from March 3 to March 29, 2024.

4. Idea Submission

Ideas can be submitted from February 5, 2024, and will close on March 23, 2024. Interested participants are encouraged to submit their idea with pertinent details outlined in the submission board.

5. Project Submissions

Projects must be submitted by 5 PM (EST) on March 29, 2024. The criteria for submission will be given to the teams participating in the tournament.

6. Project Presentations

Teams of selected projects will present their projects to our esteemed judges. The format for the presentations will be given to the teams participating in the tournament.

7. Finalists Selection

The finalists will receive an invitation to Formation ’24 and have their projects presented on stage to the Duck Creed Customer Community.

8. Formation ’24

The finalists will meet and discuss their projects with the Duck Creek Customer Advisory Board. Projects will be presented during the general session at Formation and will be judged by attendees and the Duck Creek Advisory Board. The project with the most votes, will be declared the winner of the Hatch-A-Thon!



Is your team’s idea novel? How different or original is the idea?

How are tools and technology utilized?


Product Impact

How does this idea enhance or advance products on the Duck Creek platform?

Does it comply with Duck Creek’s development standards?

Systems Integrators

Business Impact

What impact would this innovation have on businesses, individuals, or the world.

Is the idea realistic?



Can the project be demonstrated?

How well does the project work?

Celebrate the brilliance of innovators within the Duck Creek Community as we spotlight their transformative solutions propelling the insurance industry into the future. Join us in exploring and discussing the remarkable contributions that redefine the landscape of insurance excellence.

In this webinar, ValueMomentum showcases what can be built on Duck Creek through their Cognitive Underwriter Virtual Assistant (CUVA). CUVA streamlines underwriting analysis and gathers data from Duck Creek quickly and efficiently through cognitive conversational collaboration.

Watch the replay for this webinar, hosted by Teaqoshawn Nelson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Duck Creek, on innovation and how SmartAgent.AI provides customers with seamless interaction for policy servicing.

In this webinar, Coforge, the winner of our 2023 Hatch-A-Thon, showcases what can be built on Duck Creek through their project, Document Delivery Using WhatsApp which empowers customers with easy access to their documents instantly on WhatsApp. 

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