Smarter Decisions.

Made on Duck Creek.

There’s a new standard for specialty insurance, redefining how fast insurers can identify and capitalize on opportunities and quickly become market leaders. Because specialty insurance covers such a wide variety of risks, such as transportation, aviation, professional liability, construction, excess liability – and unique risks requiring manuscripted forms and custom rating – flexibility, configurability, and product inheritance are fundamental to delivering market-leading specialty products.


Accelerate business growth

Tear down barriers to increasing direct written premium and market share as new opportunities are identified.  Driven by unparalleled flexibility, rapid growth is achieved by lowering the costs of entering or creating markets, being able to easily pivot and drive change, and scaling up when the time is right. Learn how to increase speed to market for specialty and other products with our practical guide.

Tackle emerging and complex risks

Managing new and complex risks is simplified with tools that empower underwriters and claims handlers with the ability to make faster and more informed decisions. As market conditions or strategies evolve, you can adjust workflows with agility to ensure that experiences remain efficient and productive.

Design ideal producer experiences

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for bringing products to market and serving customers. Whether your business works with agents, brokers, wholesalers, or MGAs – in close collaboration or by offering self-service – you can define the experiences that make it easy do business no matter the distribution channel.

The combination of the full-scale functionality of the Duck Creek Suite and its ability to offer these capabilities as a cloud solution makes Duck Creek the ideal business partner for this highly strategic initiative.

Our loss ratios are 20% lower than what we expected when we started this business. That’s due in part to our ability to make changes in Duck Creek and deploy them into production very quickly when underwriters see emerging trends.

Featured Integrations

Our comprehensive partner ecosystem features a number of integrations to technology providers who support specialty and non-admitted lines of business.

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