UrbanStat has more than 20 different modules to help you manage your portfolio better, automate your underwriting, select better risks, and price more accurately using geospatial data and machine learning algorithms.

UrbanStat is a comprehensive underwriting solution that empowers decision makers in the insurance industry. Their full-suite offering, designed specifically for underwriting experts, utilizes procedural and human intelligence assets in unison with advanced data analytics & machine learning techniques.  UrbanStat’s AI-based risk scoring algorithm can improve loss ratios by 3 to 7 points.

Using UrbanStat’s three components – Core, Signal, and Vue – carriers can modernize their underwriting, improve technical profitability, and run analyses in seconds. With Duck Creek and UrbanStat’s Anywhere Enabled Integration, Duck Creek customers can select better risks using spatial algorithms, hazard models, and advanced machine learning methods.

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Impacts your bottom line by drastically improving underwriting processes, uncovering new truths with machine learning proficiency, and empowering decision makers with comprehensive real-time reporting capabilities

Integrates easily with Duck Creek Policy through our Anywhere Enabled Integration, available in the Duck Creek Content Exchange


UrbanStat’s solution offers many important attributes to allow a carrier to make smart underwriting decisions, including (but not limited to) risk analysis, live data feeds, weather alerts, machine-learning risk scoring, map layer management, and reporting

Cloud-based solution


Experts in addressing insurance, risk management,  geospatial analytics, and machine-learning

Data-driven approach to solving insurance-specific pain points