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Our Systems Integrators, Solution Partners, and Consulting Partners provide complementary distinct solutions and services to get you to market quickly.

The insurance sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that will redefine how it operates. By integrating our advanced digital technologies with Duck Creek’s leading core insurance platform, we can help reshape the way the industry operates and find more efficient and effective ways for our clients to add value for their customers.

By forming an alliance with Duck Creek and capitalizing on our experience with more than 50 Duck Creek implementations, we are offering our clients a full complement of innovative and exciting insurance applications and services.

The insurance industry has steadily moved toward prebuilt solutions that use a Software as a Service architecture, and the LexisNexis Risk Solutions platform is designed for this type of delivery model.

The other thing special about the relationship with Duck Creek is their understanding of the partner ecosystem…. Duck Creek really gets the ecosystem concept.

By integrating these new solutions to Duck Creek’s platform, we’re reducing the need for ad hoc integrations and making it simple for Duck Creek insurers to access detailed information about potential insureds.

One of the major limitations that insurers face when deploying new business strategies is the amount of time needed to manage backend technologies that support innovation…This partnership allows us to help insurers by removing barriers to build a competitive advantage.

Partnering with Duck Creek and leveraging the Duck Creek Anywhere API is a perfect choice for us, and we are excited to leverage the Duck Creek Platform for advancing the underwriting process to provide better customer experience and achieve straight-through processing.

Systems Integrators Systems Integrators The implementation of Duck Creek solutions plays as important a role in your success as the software itself. Our Systems Integrators provide in-depth product implementation expertise and are positioned to implement and provide ongoing services to our joint customers. All Systems Integrators are classified as Elite, Premier, or Select to denote Duck Creek experience and expertise. View Systems Integrators
Solution Partners Solution Partners An open and growing global ecosystem, our Solution Partners extend and enhance the value of our core system, enabling carriers to best execute their unique market strategies. Connected with Duck Creek through our Anywhere Integrations, Solution Partners offer timely and accurate information and insights to our joint carrier customers, as well as speed and convenience for their producers and policyholders. View Solution Partners
Consulting Partners Consulting Partners The business and technical expertise of our Consulting Partners brings unparalleled value to our customer base. This program allows specialized companies who may be engaged in advisory roles for business transformation, project management, data conversion, and related delivery services to work closely with Duck Creek in providing value-added services to our joint customers. View Consulting Partners
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