Duck Creek Partners

To win and keep business today, Property & Casualty carriers need to bring more specialty data, services, and capabilities to bear on their processing and decision-making than ever — and they need to access all of it quickly and seamlessly. Carriers also need choice when it comes to the right systems delivery team.

Mike Jackowski, CEO of Duck Creek Technologies on our Partner Ecosystem

Members of the ever-expanding Duck Creek Partner Ecosystem offer Duck Creek Technologies customers the breadth and depth of complementary solutions and services required to get to market quickly and succeed. Duck Creek Partners:

  • Help businesses navigate complex environments with expertise and precision
  • Support all lines of business
  • Represent best-in-class in their respective disciplines
  • Allow IT staff to focus on innovation and customer experience
  • Work closely with carrier teams to get more from Duck Creek Technologies software
  • Provide value-added services and products to help your business succeed

Delivery Partners

The implementation of Duck Creek solutions plays as important a role in your success as the software itself. Product knowledge, implementation experience, and industry expertise are all critical, and each of Duck Creek’s Delivery Partners comes with vast amounts of all three. No matter which partner is right for your business, our work together ensures the most efficient, lowest-risk support possible — from initial integration on.

Our Delivery Partners are classified as Premier Platinum, Platinum, and Silver to denote Duck Creek experience and expertise.

Click on any Delivery Partner’s logo to learn how they can help you get the most out of your Duck Creek experience.

Solution Partners

Getting the most value from your Duck Creek solutions includes seamless connectivity to best-in-class peripheral systems and services. Our Solution Partners expand the capabilities of our software with critical data services, applications, and systems infrastructure.

Whether you want to boost the performance of your system on mobile devices, improve transaction management between agents and customers, or increase the speed and value you get from Software-as-a-Service, our extensive network of Solution Partners helps you realize your goals — and free your team to focus on growing your business.

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Technology & Consulting Partners

These industry experts offer the system infrastructure software and hardware that enable improved system performance across multiple delivery models, including cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and mobile capabilities.