Hyland’s OnBase content services capabilities integrate with the Duck Creek Platform, which provides insurers a property and casualty engine built for the digital world.

Hyland, a leading content services provider, enables insurers to deliver better experiences to the people they serve. Using Hyland, more than 550 carriers have achieved results by increasing profitability through accurate and consistent underwriting decisions while decreasing response times and costs associated with claims.

Fully supported through Duck Creek’s Anywhere Managed Integration program, an integration with Hyland extends the powerful data management functionality of the Duck Creek Platform with cloud-based content services capabilities. The Duck Creek and Hyland partnership helps insurers minimize the time, effort, and cost associated with extending their claims application with capture, content management, and customer communications management. Additionally, it helps build an innovative technology foundation with an agile, long-term integration strategy that is supported, tested, and enhanced against future versions.

Hyland Integrations on Content Exchange

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  • As a Duck Creek integrated solution, the Hyland system does not require specialized training for typical end users
  • Hyland user experience mirrors the easy-to-navigate interfaces of the Duck Creek Suite
  • Contextually relevant, instant access to images from the Duck Creek Suite reduces the possibility of underwriting errors
  • Integrated document, workflow, business process, and records management
  • Single point-and-click configurable solution designed to minimize outside consulting and implementation costs
  • Rapidly deployable enterprise content management software solution
  • Compatible with most leading policy and claims products as well as home-grown AS400 mainframe systems
  • Hyland solutions have helped drive a 400%+ increase of capacity at many Property & Casualty insurers
  • Can reduce new business processing time from over a week to less than a day