Our Work Environment

Remote-first and learning-centric

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How we work

We are a truly global organization and for us, that means thinking and working in a way which goes beyond the idea of the office. Wherever we are, we’re Duck Creek. Collaborative, thought-provoking and innovative.

Our Remote-First Policy

Duck Creek values work/life balance for our employees and supports a “remote-first” work environment. While Duck Creek’s offices remain open, active and available for use, we also enable and empower our employees to work outside the office, without sacrificing collaboration, innovation and productivity.

Our Global Presence

Our presence around the world means that we have a real depth of expertise that we can share. We learn from each other, support each other and help each other to improve, every day.

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How we learn

The size and scale of our ambition as an organization is matched by the depth of our learning. We encourage all of our people to become subject matter experts. As part of a community that is diverse and inclusive, there are no limits on how you learn or how far you can go.

Never stop being curious

At Duck Creek, we talk about your Career Vision. It’s more than a development plan. It’s an ambitious, accessible, no limits conversation about just how far you’d like to go with us. With a vision to inspire you, there’s so much more than you can achieve.

Some of our L&D programs

  • Professional and technical skill development
  • World-class content offerings by LinkedIn Learning & Skillsoft
  • Duck Creek University training on our full product suite
  • SAFe agile environment
  • Onboarding mentors to support new hires
  • Defined Career Models showcasing both technical and managerial tracks
  • Azure training and free certifications for foundational, role & specialty based
  • Leadership development

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We have many global opportunities available.