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Modernize the producer experience

Independent agents, brokers, and other intermediaries are an essential component of the insurance distribution channel. Improving ease of doing business through digital delivery of products and services ensures that they continue add value to customers.

About Duck Creek Producer

Duck Creek Producer enables P&C carriers to deliver genuinely valuable and satisfying experiences that result in more productive and loyal independent agents, brokers, and other intermediaries. Duck Creek Producer incorporates extensive user experience research and industry data standards to create workflows that are visually appealing, intuitive, and easy to use. Powered by the Duck Creek Platform, Producer is designed to create operational efficiencies and increase speed to market.

Enhance the producer experience

Increase the productivity and loyalty of agents by making it easier to do business with them as they quote new business, inquire about claims, or pay bills. Duck Creek Producer’s web portal is tailored for the needs of producers and can serve as the modern front end for any back-end core system.

Streamline producer workflows

Seamless integrations between your core systems and agent management systems, comparative raters, and digital agencies allow agents to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Duck Creek Producer integrates with many of the leading agent systems to reduce manual data entry for both producers and carriers and efficiently process ACORD-based submissions.

Empower producer experience experts

Respond to market needs as they appear by empowering business experts, not just IT, to drive change using configuration tools. With Duck Creek Producer’s intuitive, drag-and-drop tools, UX designers can implement changes to agent portals and workflows without writing code.

Deliver innovations with speed

Create differentiation from your competitors with a rapid distribution of product innovations to your producer network. Duck Creek Producer is built on the Duck Creek Platform and leverages common insurance content and a single point of change capabilities to simplify implementation and launch projects.

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