Your data is a strategic asset – but only if you put it to work.

To make the best decisions possible, today's carriers need to collect, analyze, manage and report on massive amounts of data easily - and at the speed of business.

About Duck Creek Insights

For data to truly be a strategic asset, it must be put to work. This means effectively managing and applying data: delivering relevant information in context, to the appropriate entities, in order to drive intelligent action.

Duck Creek Insights enables insurers to use data as a strategic asset in real time, empowering them to nimbly adapt core applications, capture and leverage data across and beyond their organizations, deliver leaders and business users crucial information needed to execute intelligent actions, and employ new methods of automated decisioning (such as AI and advanced analytics).

Duck Creek Insights accelerates carriers’ journeys from data to results, giving them the power to unlock the potential of true digital transformation and realize their business goals.

Gain a consolidated picture of your customers’ business

Consolidate consistent data for BI, operational reporting, management information, and analytics without disrupting transaction systems. Keep your data assets vital and flexible with streamlined governance and improved communication.

Competing in insurance today requires a solution that can transform data from myriad sources into information assets that rapidly deliver actionable insights.

In this increasingly fast-paced world, carriers are learning that the keys to successful digital transformation are speed of transformation, ease of integration with new digital capabilities, and the ability to use data more effectively. And, of course, running all core modules from a single vendor can streamline the ability to capture, access, and utilize data more effectively.

Karlyn Carnahan
Head of Property Casualty Practice for the Americas | Celent

Leave behind legacy systems, not the data they house

Gather data from across internal operations (rating, policy, claims, and billing), legacy systems, and external sources, including data lakes and device / IoT data. Manage and curate data to attain and sustain high-quality, relevant information across entire organizations.

Duck Creek Insights gives insurers the power to extract actionable information from broad and diverse sets of data in a timely manner, and to drive decisions and operational changes at the modern speed of business.

Spend time analyzing data, not gathering it

Reduce the time knowledge workers spend gathering data and increase the time they spend analyzing information – accelerating speed to market. Compete more effectively with more robust data, maintaining agility as the industry and broader economy become more customer-centric.

From explosive data growth to rapidly-intensifying competition to the rise of advanced analytics and the potential of AI, insurers are faced with the fact that future success will depend on managing and applying data as a strategic asset. With Duck Creek Insights, insurers can achieve significant outcomes across numerous operational areas.

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