If data isn't easy to access and act on, it’s of little value.

To make the best decisions possible, today's carriers need to collect, analyze, manage and report on massive amounts of data easily and quickly.

About Duck Creek Insights

Duck Creek Insights lets carriers gather internal and external data from as many sources as needed, and analyze and report on it easily, quickly and on a single system – turning data into actionable business intelligence. Our robust reporting and analytics solution is designed to manage a full range of internal, external, and third-party data. Insights deliver the quality data, analytics, and reporting your P&C organization needs to succeed.

Gain a consolidated picture of your customers’ business

Data is critical to carriers’ ability to serve their customers. With Duck Creek Insights you can bring all of your customer data together – including policies, claims, billings, and more. Competing in insurance today requires transforming data into information assets that deliver actionable insights at the speed of business.

We are up and running in every state. It’s been widely successful and we look at the Duck Creek partnership as really being our foundation for growth.

Lenny Waldhauser
Vice President | RLI

Leave behind legacy systems, not the data they house

Data Insights lets you retain information buried in legacy systems and integrate it with data from new or acquired sources. Insights delivers the quality data, analytics, operational, management and financial reporting insurance companies need to differentiate, compete, and win.

Spend time analyzing data, not gathering it

With a single, trusted source of data — including transactional data, risk management data, pricing data, external data, and third-party data — you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your resources. Actionable insights are most competitive when they are built upon the full range of internal and external data delivered to the business when and where decisions are being made.

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