Cytora transforms commercial insurance. Using Cytora, insurers can improve underwriting productivity, reduce costs and drive growth. Cytora is a trusted partner to global insurers and is backed by leading venture capital.

Cytora transforms commercial insurance. Using the Cytora Platform, insurers can underwrite more accurately, enhance efficiency, and deliver fairer prices to their customers. Cytora is a trusted partner to global insurers, backed by leading venture capital, and supported by builders of some of the world’s most successful technology companies.

Cytora’s mission is to make insurance programmable. Cytora aims to provide insurers with the building blocks they need to deliver efficient, accurate underwriting and seamless customer experiences. By integrating their API’s into the Duck Creek workflow, Cytora can improve the quality of risk selection and pricing decisions

Cytora Property API

Cytora enhances the Duck Creek quoting process by providing additional rating factors within the bind and referral process of a policy. As an integrated API, Cytora returns Property attributes set by the user, such as crime data, property usage, fire risk, etc. to determine the workflow of a policy by triaging risks that need underwriting referral or passing risks through to bind quickly.

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The Cytora platform provides the right information for insurers to:

  • Automate the underwriting process
  • Provide independent insight to benchmark customer information
  • Combine different data sources and use Machine Learning to make the most of public and private information
  • The partnership with Duck Creek allows Cytora APIs to be embedded quickly and easily into the processes of insurance companies

Using the policy administration system and adding the right information in the right places speeds up and augments the underwriting process. This results in better underwriting decisions and allows Duck Creek customers to align their portfolio composition from different lines of business with company strategy.


The Cytora Property API automatically enriches submissions with property, location, and rating data from 50+ sources to enable fast, accurate assessment. The API provides location- and area-specific data that relates to different lines of business. Examples include:

  • Property use in different levels of granularity – from commercial or residential, to specific use like high school or fire station, waste management, zoo, etc.
  • Crime statistics of the area
  • Multi occupancy that lists the property usage of the units in the building
  • Fire Risk Score based upon a Machine Learning model using fire events
  • Adjacent risks such as kitchens, chemical factors, etc.

All of this information is provided for each address within seconds. Each data source is updated regularly by Cytora while Duck Creek allows for the possibility to store the data at different moments of time.


Cytora is UK-based company on a mission to make insurance programmable. Using data tailored to the insurance industry and validated by our customers, the APIs support some of the world’s largest insurers including QBE and AXA XL. Founded in 2014, Cytora has won numerous accolades across the insurance and technology space including ‘Best AI Product in Insurance’ at CogX 2019.