Wildfire Risk Assessment

RedZone offers best-in-class expertise on wildfires’ impact on homes and businesses. We serve our clients by identifying risk, enhancing customer engagement, and improving financial performance.

RedZone provides smart intelligence on natural disasters. Our wildfire underwriting and portfolio management solutions are providing the foundation for carriers, MGAs and reinsurers to build profitable portfolios throughout the Western US. Duck Creek users can now access RedZone’s API to quickly access site specific wildfire scores and insights.

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RedZone provides the industry-leading wildfire hazard identification solution that enables users to identify not only the wildfire risk for a location but also understand the detailed drivers behind the risk. It is our mission to educate users on the science behind the model.


Simple to integrate API with sub-second responses

Standard report includes Severity, Frequency, Past Fire, and Overall Scores/Classifications

Map images can be embedded in the Duck Creek user interface or downloadable reports

Options to request reports by latitude/longitude or address

Standardized geocoded address as part of standard API call

Optional Average Annual Loss (AAL) for pricing

Detailed Fire History narrative included


With roots in building software for first responders, RedZone is the gold standard for real-time wildfire monitoring and underwriting

RedZone’s hands-on approach enables users to build internal expertise in wildfire