Roost delivers “Property Telematics” solutions for both home and commercial properties. Mitigating claims for water leaks, fire and temperature with rich real-time data and policyholder engagement.

Roost is a technology company focused on disrupting the traditional property insurance model through a “property telematics” approach. Its smart 9V battery for smoke alarms, smart water leak and freeze detector, and smart garage door sensor provide peace of mind to property owners and rich data to insurers. These affordable, easy to install Wi-Fi solutions are delivered throughout the property via a white-labeled mobile app and cloud-based notification engine. Roost is focused on changing the way property insurance models assess risk and pricing on a real-time basis for each location.

Duck Creek customers can easily take advantage of our joint offering with an Anywhere Enabled Integration for Duck Creek Claims available on the Duck Creek Content Exchange.

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  • Roost’s cloud-based solutions transform property insurance with in-home smart sensors that monitor a wide range of data elements from inside properties in real time
  • Customer engagement with carriers is enhanced by building trust, loyalty, and retention through a more tangible and relevant relationship
  • The deployment of Roost smart sensors enable claims cost reduction through the mitigation or elimination of water leak and smoke damage situations
  • Policyholders place alarm, water leak detector, and garage door sensors throughout their homes or properties
  • Carriers receive early notifications from policyholders about fires or water leaks in order to reduce claim time and overall costs – plus, the app offers quick links to local service pros, weather alerts, and self-service carrier support content
  • Insurers can use data analytics to proactively contact policyholders, inform underwriting decisions, and assess policyholder risk
  • Carriers can increase NPS, retention, and brand affinity by putting their brands in front of policyholders multiple times per month
  • Roost was founded in 2014 and currently partners with more than 25 P&C insurers in North America and Europe.  Most recently, Roost has launched a new loss prevention service for SMB commercial properties through carriers.
  • Roost has received numerous insurtech distinctions, won several CES product awards and regional ACCORD selections, and was given a Top 100 global innovation recognition by Red Herring.