Duck Creek Claims (detailed)

supports the entire claims lifecycle from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) through investigation, payments, negotiations, reporting, and closure in a single integrated solution. As a comprehensive claims-management solution, Duck Creek Claims supports driving more efficient claims processes and promotes improved customer service, leading to reduced claims expense and enhancing business agility through automation of routine tasks. Insurance carriers worldwide have implemented this software to handle claims across a broad array of Commercial, Personal, and Specialty lines of business.

Duck Creek Claims scales to meet the performance needs of any size property and casualty insurer, and for any line of business. Carriers can react quickly to an ever-changing industry using configuration tools that allow trained users with no coding knowledge to quickly make business changes.

Duck Creek Claims advantages:
  • Gain efficiency through intelligent FNOL reporting with faster and more accurate loss reporting
  • Lower claims costs and increase adjuster efficiency with automated processing to facilitate faster triage and assignment, support “no touch” and “low-touch” processing, and streamline routine claim functions
  • Gain effectiveness with a collaborative environment where adjusters settle a claim as a team in complex situations
  • Realize faster time to market and lower total cost of ownership for routine system changes with no coding required for complex changes, leading to a nimbler claims department
  • Improve claims assignment by getting the right claim to the right adjuster with the required skills and capacity
  • Improve decision-making with advanced reporting and analytics tools and intuitive dashboards
  • Enhance customer experience by allowing claimants to select their preferred communication channel
  • Enable a smooth claims ecosystem with pre-built product interfaces and accelerators to lower the cost and time to implement and integrate with other systems (e.g., ISO® Claim Search, medical bill review companies, rental car networks, accounting systems, etc.)
  • Enable business and IT to accelerate innovation and increase the rate of technology adoption with continuous software updates via Duck Creek OnDemand.
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