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Based in Cambridge, Mass, gradient A.I. launched in 2012 inside Milliman, Inc. In 2018, gradient A.I. spun out to become an independent tech company. gradient A.I.’s team of data scientists, data engineers, and software engineers build AI predictive analytics software solutions exclusively to serve, empower, and transform the insurance industry. gradient A.I.’s mission is to deliver substantial ROI across a client’s enterprise: underwriting, pricing, risk management, sales/distribution, loss prevention, and more.

gradient A.I.’s current solutions are built using the most advanced in artificial intelligence technologies for:

  1. Predictive Analytics for Underwriting and Pricing
  2. Predictive Analytics for Claims Management
  3. Data Warehousing

Leveraging big data, including proprietary technology to ingest structured and unstructured data, dozens of third-party data sources, the power of A.I., and advanced analytics, gradient A.I.’s solutions out-deliver and outperform the rest.

  • gradient A.I. provides A.I. models to augment internal underwriting teams, enabling more accuracy in underwriting and pricing and augmenting internal claims teams, as well as enabling more information faster and more accurate predictions of ultimate claim costs and claim outcomes
  • Don’t settle!  Combine speed and accuracy – leverage the efficiencies of automation and system integrations with the accuracy of A.I.-powered predictive models
  • Leverage A.I. models to solve your most complex business problems in underwriting, pricing, and claims management
  • Be faster than your competition – rapidly deploy multiple A.I. models in your business in minimal time, unlike the months and months it typically takes companies to develop, test, and eventually deploy
  • Increase automation with smart assignments, automated quoting, straight-through processing, and more – enhance your efficiencies and create more margin for your business through A.I. decision support models for your internal workflows
  • Utilize all your data to provide a more informed and more comprehensive assessment of underlying risk, driving better predictive outcomes and better understandings for improved outcomes
  • Proprietary technology built to ingest disparate data sources (including structured and unstructured data and dozens of third-party data sources), normalize, and feed into our A.I. models, all to the benefit of our clients – assuring no data is missed that might provide predictive lift and improve the accuracy of our models’ results
  • Configurable A.I. platform utilizing APIs for integrations and proprietary data extraction – and cleansing software when APIs aren’t applicable
  • Reporting solutions for client access to assess model performance, KPIs, and ROI
  • Suite of pre-configured A.I. models for insurers to choose from
  • gradient A.I. is not simply an artificial intelligence company applying really smart people with really great tech to insurance problems; gradient A.I. is really smart people with really great tech that have deep insurance subject matter expertise. That’s gradient A.I.’s sole focus as a company – insurance.
  • We are A.I. for insurance companies built by insurance experts, powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence technology
  • Originally incubated inside a global actuarial consulting firm, gradient A.I.’s team of data scientists are great collaborators with actuarial teams and actuarial consultants