Duck Creek Anywhere

Duck Creek Anywhere supports an insurer’s digital and omni-channel approach by enabling a smooth user experience, spanning channels to support new business, customer service and internal processes. To achieve this, Duck Creek Anywhere provides a RESTful API that enables systems to query product definitions and configurations, then use these in their user interactions. Insurers need only to configure their Duck Creek systems once and then share that configuration across all channels.

Additionally, Duck Creek Anywhere allows non-Duck-Creek systems to easily query and use product definitions, configurations, and content to drive processing within third party systems. This furthers ease of integration and speed to market for our customers.

Duck Creek Anywhere advantages:

  • Reduced costs, streamlined implementation, and no dual-system maintenance
  • Transform user-facing systems quickly and easily by implementing configuration through a single point of change
  • Improve customer interaction and overall satisfaction through systems that provide a smooth experience
  • Grow business by rapidly delivering new or changed products anywhere, any way

Duck Creek’s Anywhere Managed Integrations (optional) provide out-of-the-box, pre-built connections to popular third-party data and service solutions such as geolocation, MVR lookups, data pre-fill, e-signature, analytics, and more. Duck Creek provides full management/maintenance of these integrations, exclusively for Duck Creek OnDemand.

Duck Creek Anywhere Managed Integration advantages:

  • Pay-as-you-go access to key third-party resources without the technical burden – just subscribe and Duck Creek handles the rest
  • Out-of-the-box speed and carrier-configurable components/features to meet business needs and designated workflows
  • Reduced implementation and maintenance costs
  • Single SLA and support contact
  • Duck-Creek-managed updates for ensured currency
  • All maintenance and implementation support handled by Duck Creek
  • Fully tested and documented
  • Designated Personal Account Manager
  • 24×7 help desk and operations team to assist with reported issues
  • Duplicate check capabilities- no more duplicate calls to vendors
  • No more additional transaction fees for data already received
  • Available monthly reports: total calls, calls cached, successful calls, and calls with errors all by integration
  • Additional raw data can be requested by carriers

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