Achieve seamless modernization of legacy systems with innovative SaaS P&C insurance software tools

To win in today’s increasingly competitive insurance industry, carriers need SaaS core system solutions that support their business strategies, not dictate them.

Benefits of Duck Creek’s Core Technologies

Duck Creek SaaS insurance core systems allow you to innovate faster – whether that be pursuing new insurance business models, creating differentiated customer experiences, or delivering new products with speed and agility.

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Legacy System Modernization to SaaS

Carriers that have yet to leave behind their legacy systems and migrate to modern SaaS technologies struggle upgrading, maintaining, and supporting these systems, while failing to integrate with the broader insurance vendor ecosystem. With insurance core systems technologies from Duck Creek, you can leave clunky, slow, and dated processes behind while still bringing your data with you and start operating with the efficiency and functionality that today’s customers expect.

The idea of modernization can seem daunting, but Duck Creek’s full suite of insurance technology can be implemented piece by piece, or as one cohesive unit. Either way, you only get the software solutions you need, delivered via SaaS, which provides you all of the services, security, and scalability you need so that you can always stay current with the latest software and no longer have to put your business priorities on pause.

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Speed, Agility, and Flexibility with Low-Code Tools

Being able to react quickly to evolving customer needs is critical to winning in today’s insurance industry. With Duck Creek insurance core systems, low-code configuration tools put change in the hands of business experts, not just IT, to quickly make changes to products, management activities, workflows, and systems. Low-code tools enable you to shorten development cycles, iterate faster based on market feedback, and lower total cost of ownership.


Enhance Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect their insurance carriers to offer them multiple touchpoints to conduct business, pay bills, file claims, communicate, and more. While some customers still wish to buy policies over the phone, others prefer a low-touch online buying experience. Duck Creek’s core insurance technologies and APIs let you easily build unique mobile and website experiences that offer the seamless omni-channel options that today’s customers expect.