Nintex AssureSign

AssureSign’s eSignature solution integrates seamlessly with the Duck Creek Platform, providing insurers an accelerated and secure document execution process for their Policy, Billing, and Claims systems. Close business in minutes, not days.

AssureSign is a partner in the Duck Creek OnDemand Vendor Ecosystem. AssureSign Electronic Signature Technology allows carriers and agencies to expedite customer acquisitions and renewals through various distribution channels, including agency portals, carrier consumer portals and internal CSRs. Integrating AssureSign with the Duck Creek Suite can enhance the policy and claims process by increasing revenue while cutting costs.

AssureSign’s electronic signature solution has been pre-integrated into the workflow for Duck Creek’s Policy, Billing, and Claims systems for our OnDemand offering. This helps OnDemand clients who need electronic signature capabilities get through their implementations faster, more efficiently, and for less money.

Other highlights:

Duck Creek clients in need of a flexible and modern electronic signature solution can find an AssureSign accelerator in the Duck Creek Content Exchange. This documented and downloadable tool give carriers or SIs a boost in speed when configuring AssureSign’s electronic signature solution for use with Duck Creek Policy.

Find Anywhere Managed Integrations for Policy, Billing, and Claims in our Content Exchange.

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  • Reduces client onboarding from a matter of weeks to as little as a few minutes
  • Eliminates manual customer follow-ups
  • Only eSign provider that allows insurance agencies to purchase electronic signature per document or per seat
  • Interface allows for multiple eSigner profiles, with live tracking of the eSigning process
  • Drag-and-drop feature for frequent users creates an eSignature document in minutes
  • Ability to sign documents at arm’s length via email invitation, in-person signing link, or SMS text message
  • Can be delivered as a SaaS product, via hybrid cloud, or on-premises
  • 16+ years of domain experience
  • Can be integrated with myriad platforms via API