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Duck Creek OnDemand Control Hub

Bringing more efficiency, visibility, and transparency to SaaS core systems

Meet the Newest Member of Your IT Team!

The OnDemand Control Hub is an intuitive, web-based portal, purpose-built to turbocharge the efficiency of your IT team’s ability to operate your Duck Creek SaaS applications, all while providing unparalleled levels of transparency and visibility.

Key Features


Promote your configuration updates into upper environments and production on your schedule.


View dashboards that provide environment statuses for all your applications and system availability health checks, and visualize system usage trends such as policies issued or claims filed over time.


Upload and apply data updates into production in just a few clicks. Manage roles and permissions of your test environments’ users.

IAT’s production support team has been using the OnDemand Control Hub during its pilot phase, and we have found the system to be easy to use. Simply put – Control Hub is enabling our DevOps process to be significantly more productive.

Web-based interfaces such as Duck Creek’s OnDemand Control Hub reflect the next stage of SaaS maturity of core system vendors, and provide the tools needed to help insurers operate more efficiently while having more freedom to do things on their own timelines.

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