CARFAX owns the world’s largest vehicle history database, helping 23 of the top 25 largest auto insurers reduce risk, settle claims faster, and improve the bottom line.

CARFAX® data helps carriers mitigate future risk by improving pricing and underwriting decisions.  Our predictive information integrates with the Duck Creek platform helping you attract and retain the best customers while avoiding losses. Learn more about CARFAX data and how we help insurance carriers at

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CARFAX mileage data helps insurers verify road exposure and self-reported mileage for 99% of policyholders. Additionally, CARFAX makes it easier to measure road exposure before, during and after events like COVID-19 or other calamities.

CARFAX studies show using registration type and length of ownership in rating can produce a 7-point lower loss ratio.

More than 1 in 5 vehicles have some damage that insurers should consider to help mitigate risk during underwriting and rating.


CARFAX data is beneficial for commercial auto as well as personal autos.

All vehicle data undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing to improve the accuracy and eliminate duplicate or irrelevant records.

CARFAX helps claims professionals retrieve police accident reports, improve fraud detection and increase accuracy while reducing subjectivity in total loss valuations.


CARFAX has been in business for over 35 years and has relationships with more than 115,000 data sources across the U.S. and Canada including state DMVs, police agencies, and service facilities

Actuarial Expertise – CARFAX has a team of experienced actuaries ready to assist in your data evaluation and implementation efforts at no charge.

Implementation Expertise – CARFAX can provide guidance and support from experienced insurance professionals to assist in your implementation and usage of our data.