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Arity is a technology company that offers insurance telematics solutions to help carriers evaluate driving risk and uncover valuable insights. Arity’s solutions combine data collection, actuarial scoring and program onboarding, implementation, and support into one comprehensive solution to help you identify and retain preferred drivers, anticipate loss, and price more accurately.

Duck Creek has integrated Arity’s open, configurable platform into a proven workflow – easing the burden on the end-carrier looking to connect Arity’s data with Duck Creek products. Whether a carrier is looking to form a telematics program from scratch or enhance its existing telematics capabilities, Arity and Duck Creek together can help insurers reach their goals with a cost-friendly joint solution for speedy implementation.

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Comprehensive capabilities: Arity offers top-tier onboarding and support, so you can easily start pricing more accurately and help reduce costs

Deep understanding of insurance: The Arity team understands the insurance landscape and has experience bringing insurance companies both within the Allstate family and outside of the Allstate brands to market with telematics programs

Better predict driver risk and future losses: Arity’s models combine both traditional and telematics data to deliver the best prediction of driving risk. This unique structure allows you to use their regulator-approved models on top of your current rating.


Capture driving data: Arity is sensor agnostic and has spent years perfecting the right data from partner sources to explain risk and engage customers. Start collecting data using Arity’s off-the-shelf mobile app, embedding their driving engine SDK into your app, or using a tag or OBDII device. Have your own data source? They can use that too.

Get it all in one place: Simplified deployment gets you up and running in a well-designed program faster

Unparalleled data and insights: Uncover deeper insights with the telematics data that Arity is able to collect and further use this information for greater clarity around auto claims


30B+ miles of driving data

85+ years of Allstate claims frequency and severity data

8+ years spent collecting data directly from cars