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Arity Telematics Integration


The Arity Telematics Integration kit provides users with an extension to Duck Creek’s Policy System.  It enables carriers the ability to incorporate behavior- based driving information into the auto insurance pricing process. Through the integration Arity returns a driver score to the Duck Creek Policy system that can help accurately price premium, trigger underwriting rules or restrict binding. The kit includes an Arity Manuscript, Visual Studio Project, Sample SML File and Arity_ScoreObjRequestMap.


Founded by Allstate, Arity combines telematics technology with industry expertise gained from more than 10 years of telematics experience built in-house. Integrating their open and configurable platform into Duck Creek’s proven workflow accelerates a carrier’s speed to market.  


More about Arity and Duck Creek


The following tools and packages are required for correct implementation of the package.

  • Visual Studio 
  • Author
  • Express
  • Personal Auto UBI Score-Based package 
  • Arity Credentials 

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