Collision Sciences

Collision Sciences Inc. (CSI) is a global technology and information provider that facilitates intelligent application of vehicle collision data. Insurers can utilize factual crash data at high volume to reduce claim costs, improve industry processes, and enhance customer experiences.

The Collision Sciences Inc. (CSI) integration package for Duck Creek Claims allows automobile insurance companies to instantly retrieve Event Data Recorder “black box” support information for involved vehicles. During claim setup, a file note is added to identify EDR-supported vehicles, with instructions on how the claims handler can request or instantly review EDR report data, for an affordable fee.

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EDR Claims Report offers an unbiased crash synopsis for accurate, complete, and fast claims handling, with the context and detail that traditionally required expensive experts for crash data analysis and reporting.

Collision Sciences has made crash data easy and cost-effective to utilize in many more claims, enabling loss and expense cost reduction. Carriers are able to improve both operational efficiency and agent/insured experiences with facts that help in dispute resolution and reducing claim cycle times. Factual data enables improved liability outcomes and subrogation results.

Crash data can be used to enhance internal processes and data science, such as total loss assessments, claim segmentation/triage, fraud intelligence, probable liability, actuarial studies, underwriting, and more.


Retrieved crash data is transmitted to the cloud for analysis and is processed into an easy-to-read report format. Structured data is also available for internal process improvement.

Facts that are critical to determining what happened in an accident are provided, such as occupancy, seat belt use, g-forces at impact, speed, braking, steering, and evasive maneuvers, as well as prior accident facts.

Carriers can request targeted field data retrieval through Collision Sciences’ vended field teams (with coverage across the USA), and carriers may optionally equip internal field personnel with the “CrashScan” diagnostic scan tool globally.


Collision Sciences developed “CrashScan,” a universal, mobile-app-based EDR scan tool, and is the only vehicle “black box” market option that offers affordable hardware, included user training, dedicated client centric data collection, customizable cloud data analysis, strategic alerting and reporting, and engineering tech support for users.

Collision Sciences is a team of automotive engineers, cloud and data scientists, accident reconstructionists, and biomechanical experts.

Collision Sciences has 25 enterprise partners and active programs around the globe.