Authentic4D is the preeminent medical diagnostics platform servicing worker's compensation, auto and GL, and the only one with digital connectivity resulting in unprecedented accuracy and objectivity.

Authentic4D’s fellowship trained sub-specialized radiologist network and technology platform provide unprecedented accuracy, speed and objectivity in reviewing and resolving injury claims arising from workers’ compensation, auto or general liability insurance. For WC, we help carriers get it “right” the first time, enabling injured workers to receive the most accurate treatment protocol while avoiding medically unnecessary procedures and/or treatment.

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  • >35% of all diagnostic radiology reports in WC and Auto are wrong and more than 70% of films are read by general radiologists; with Authentic4D’s fellowship trained sub-specialized radiologists, you can get it “RIGHT” the 1st time.
  • End-to-end digital connectivity– we require that all facilities in our WC diagnostic network to connect with us digitally, expediting and streamlining the workflow process in getting the images and reports faster than all of our competitors.
  • The only network that controls the quality of both the scan and the read, rather all injured workers are scanned on 1.5 Tesla MRI machines or better and all radiologists are vetted and quality controlled unlike the rest of the industry.
  • A4D is the only network to have digital connectivity with highly credentialed fellowship trained radiologists that work for leading hospitals and/or medical practices, these are “real” doctors, who read the films blindly (meaning they are not privy to who made the referral) lending integrity and objectivity as part of the process.
  • Substantially greater diagnostic accuracy
  • 100% fellowship trained sub-specialized radiologists
  • End-to-end digital connectivity resulting in faster turnaround time
  • National coverage and the only network to offer end-to-end quality control
  • 5 full-time MDs complemented by 300 fellowship trained sub-specialized radiologists – no other diagnostic company has a team that is remotely close to A4D’s in terms of medical imaging expertise
  • Deep technology and teleradiology expertise enabling digital connectivity with thousands of imaging centers to transmit imaging through a digital secure means (instead of sending a CD through the mail)
  • Commitment to quality and innovation resulting in claimants being scanned on high quality 1.5 Tesla MRI machines and all films being read by a fellowship trained radiologist
  • All films are “aged” with specific commentary on age of injury and/or whether an alleged injury was acute or chronic.