ExamWorks IME

ExamWorks IME provides property and casualty insurance carriers and third-party administrators with multi-specialty physicians and allied health professionals to independently evaluate automotive, disability, liability and workers’ compensation claims.

Offering the greatest geographic reach, access to the largest medical panel available and representing more than 140 specialties, ExamWorks Independent Medical Examiners are credentialed and vetted by specialty, expertise, clinical, medico-legal knowledge and expert testimony skills sets using primary source verification.

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  • National Coverage / Local Experience
  • Industry Leading Turnaround Times for an Efficient and Consistent IME Process
  • Qualified Physicians, Vetted Through Rigorous Credentialing Process
  • Strict Data Compliance with Industry Best Practices Ensuring Client and Claimant Needs are Met and Regulatory Requirements are Upheld
  • Secure and Efficient, Select ExamWorks for Your IME Without Leaving the Duck Creek Environment
  • Internal and External Audits Follow URAC Standards to Monitor and Maintain Highest Level of Service
  • Dedicated Client Service Team Manages Every Stage of the IME Process
  • Independent Medical Evaluators Credentialed to Meet URAC & NCAQ Standards Every Two Years
  • Largest Panel of Physicians and Specialties in the United States
  • IT Infrastructure Developed with Unwavering Focus on Data Security
  • Advanced Quality Assurance Protocols Ensures Reports are Reviewed and Verified for Complete Documentation
  • URAC IME Accredited and HiTrust CSF Certified