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Duck Creek 2017 R2: What’s New in Billing, Data and More

December 5, 2017
Billing options are now crucial to customer experience and retention
Billing options are now crucial to customer experience and retention.

Feel free to disagree, but for some of us, continuous investment and delivery are sexy. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the launch of Duck Creek’s 2017 R2 and its focus on billing.

In this new release, Duck Creek Billing got more than its fair share of attention. All the improvements we made are designed to support ease of use, customer experience, efficiency, and implementation excellence. In terms of value-adds, Duck Creek Billing 2017 R2 offers:

  • New commissions logic, with greater configurability and extensibility. Carriers now can tailor commissions to incentivize desired agency selling behaviors, like driving net new sales instead of relying on commissions from renewals.
  • New installment combination logic, which allows more than one custom payment plan per bill account, and which also allows terms on custom and standard plans to be combined in a single bill account. This is a key differentiator from competing solutions, so we look forward to seeing this feature enable more billing options, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance market competitiveness for our clients.
  • The ability to configure credit allocation overrides quickly – while preserving upgradability. Duck Creek clients will have the opportunity to meet their customers’ needs and expectations for alternate credit allocation rules and calculations, and to make it easier for their support staff to understand and explain a relatively complex billing process. Our goal is for this to lead to increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Duck Creek Insights now includes Duck Creek Policy, Claims, Billing, and quoting integrations to streamline and simplify implementation. Previously, each core application had its own reporting solution. Duck Creek Insights is suite-agnostic and delivers business intelligence and analytics solutions for Duck Creek products as well as third-party systems.

Duck Creek AgencyPortal is now more closely integrated with the core Duck Creek Suite via AgencyPortal ACORD Templates and Duck Creek Templates for commercial and personal lines of business. Our rating templates help carriers to go to market with new products and rating updates faster than ever. Additionally, new mapping between AgencyPortal ACORD Templates and Duck Creek Templates reduces implementation time and complexity, while offering a unified solution.

Duck Creek OnDemand now offers integrations with even more industry-leading information services to expedite data entry, improve data quality, improve underwriting capabilities, add new functionality, and shorten the claims lifecycle. These integrations are included with Duck Creek OnDemand, including ongoing upgrades and the ability to scale, giving your IT staff freedom to work on business-focused projects.

Duck Creek MessageHub creates standard integration patterns between Duck Creek core solutions and third-party applications based on an extension of our RESTful Anywhere API, leading to quicker and more efficient implementations. It is underpinned by the market-leading Microsoft Service Bus platform.

Message Hub delivers a communications architecture that seamlessly transmits messages across the Duck Creek Suite, as well as providing:

  • Standardized event notification architecture between core applications (publish/subscribe)
  • Support for a common integration pattern across the Suite (request/response)
  • Support for extension/communications outside (to/from) the Duck Creek Suite
  • Loosely coupled yet robust (i.e. guaranteed delivery) interconnected Suite
  • Out-of-the-box address change messaging across other applications
  • Out-of-the-box Pitney Bowes geocoding message to request, plus return geocoding from Pitney Bowes or other geocoding services

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