AgencyPortal® for Multi-Channel Distribution

AgencyPortal is the industry’s leading independent, multi-channel distribution platform for P&C insurance companies. It handles all key front end transactions between carriers and their producers, over the web—a jewel in the best-of-breed architecture crown.

Engaging outside the walls of the insurance company today means giving users what they want, when and where they want it, quickly and simply. If you don’t, someone else will. It requires both the simple, intuitive usability that agents, brokers, MGAs and policyholders now expect from all of their technologies, and the agility and adaptability you need to stay competitive.

  • Overview

    Designed to delight

    • HTML 5
    • Responsive design
    • Intuitive workflow
    • UX nirvana

    Built to connect

    • Highly configurable for simplified integration
    • Pre-built integration kits for leading core and third-party solutions

    Architected for change

    • Designed to grow and modify easily with evolving business needs
  • Highlights
    • Agent, broker, MGA and consumer channels
    • Commercial, personal and specialty lines
    • New business and renewal quoting
    • Self-service for billing, endorsements or claims
    • Tool-based architecture
    • Collaborative Underwriting
    • More than 40 customers live
    • Highly configurable for overall simplified integration
    • Pre-built Integration Kits for leading core and third party solutions
  • Impact for Carriers
    • Top line growth
    • Reduced maintenance cost
    • Reduced operating expenses
    • Producer retention
    • Speed to market
    • Market agility