Is your outdated billing system costing you time and money?

We need modern technology that supports both the diversity of our product offerings and our need to rapidly adjust to new market demands. We believe Duck Creek software will help to enable our long-term strategies.

Tracey Berg Senior
Vice President and
Chief Information Officer
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

In a dynamic marketplace, being agile is essential to property and casualty (P&C) insurers that want to grow their business. Working with a complex and outdated legacy-based billing system that can no longer support business demand or meet the expectations of customers will impact your ability to remain competitive. Can your company afford to wait to upgrade?

More than just providing new features, modern insurance software also improves core operating performance—faster responses to inquiries, higher volume workflows, and streamlined processes. Why wait to get these results for your business? Let us show you how Duck Creek Billing can enhance customer satisfaction, increase your bottom line, and give you a competitive advantage.

  • Accelerate Deployment of New and Changed Bill Plans
    Use off-the-shelf payment plans and configurations, billing forms and correspondence, and common billing integrations to move new and updated bill plans to production faster.
  • Capitalize on New Opportunities
    Expand into other markets with new lines of business using the same core billing capabilities that can support your business today and tomorrow.
  • Increase Service Volumes
    Expand your scope with scalable software that adapts to new collection methods and makes it easier to reach more customers.
  • Reduce Call Times, Enhance Service
    Make more efficient use of call time when following up on inquiries with a customer summary view that crosses policies for all lines.
  • Manage Resources Better
    Let IT staff focus on strategic projects and enable business teams to make simple changes using the intuitive interfaces that require no coding.